Headlight Protection Film
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    Headlight Protection film is available in a clear or smoke tint shade may be applied to headlights to protect them from large road debris

    Manufacturer Part Number: rshield-002

    Headlight Protection Film


    Headlight Protector FAQ

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    Headlight Protection Film Application Instructions

    Headlight Protection Film

    Heat Conformable Headlight Protector

    Durable Headlight Protector

    Removable Headlight Protector

    Headlight Protector Replacments

    What is Headlight Protection Film?
    Headlight Protection Film by Rshield is a protective sheet of film that may be trimmed-to-fit any vehicle light application. It measures 12-15mil thick and can protect your lights from extreme road debris such as rocks or stones.

    How difficult is it to install Headlight Protection Film?

    The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our installation video on this page. Although it showcases our Rtint product line, the installation principals are the same.
      > Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer.
      > If the headlight has complex curves, protrusions or is compounded.
      > If the proper installation tools and fluids are not used.
      > If the installer is not familiar with heat stretching film.

    What Headlight Protection Film application tools do you recommend?
    All of them. Installation can be difficult and the tools we sell help guarantee results.
      > The application squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the light. 
      > Low friction sleeves prevent "squeegee scratches."
      > Rapid Prep removes any dirt or debris from your lights prior to application.
      > Rapid Tac will aide in the wet application of our Protection Film.
      > Rapid Clear will act as a finishing agent and polish on all headlight covers.
      > Seal-It Pens are used to seal the edges of all our headlight covers, especially blackouts.

    What are your Headlight Protection Film Transmission Percentages (VLT):
      > Blue Smoke Protector: 83% Light Transmission
      > Clear Film: 100% Light Transmission
      > Smoke (Dark) Protector: 67% Light Transmission
      > Smoke (Light) Protector: 87% Light Transmission
      > Yellow Smoke Protector: 86% Light Transmission

    How much does installation of Headlight Protection Film cost?

    These kits are designed for the DIY installer.  Professional installation will not generally save you any money.  Installers generate their profit from installation costs, not the cost of film. They prefer to work with the film they regularly use and we recommend you go with their preferred film. If you are still planning to have your Protection Film installed by a professional, we recommend certified paint protection installers NOT Window Tint installers.  This is not window tint, it requires a different skill set and you will generally not see good results from their installations. 

    Do you offer a warranty?

    We offer a limited warranty of 3 years.  When installed by the DIY individual we warranty that the headlight protection film will not fade, turn purple or change color.  When professionally installed we guarantee that the cover to not fade, peel, crack, bubble or turn purple when installed by a licensed professional.

    What is the legal light tint shade for my state?

    Clear Protection films are legal. Colored or tinted light protectors may not be legal for street use on primary lighting. Please check your state or local laws before application. All non-clear light protectors are intended for off-road show car use only.

    What is the difference between Tint, Protection and Blackout Light film?
    Tint, Protection and Blackout headlight kits are designed to change the color of the lens, without greatly changing the output color. 
      > Tint & Blackout covers are for aesthetics or "looks" only. No protection is provided.
      > Protection film protects your lights from small road debris, UV damage, sand and weather.
      > Tint & Blackout film is 3 mil (.0042") thick and protection film is 15 mil or (.021") thick.
      > Protection film is five times thicker and more difficult to apply, heat is required.
      > Protection Film and Tint kits are adhesive backed, Blackout Covers are static cling.
      > Tint and Protection light kits can be removed, but can not be reapplied.
      > Blackout headlight covers can be removed and reapplied any time.

    Rprotector Shade Chart
    Headlight Protector Shade Chart

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