Racing Stripes - Modern Rally Graphic

The Modern Rally Racing Stripe style is a four stripe combination that is our playful take on Rally racing. Give you car, truck or SUV a custom look with graphicR custom car decals.

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Racing Stripes Vehicle Graphics


Racing Stripes FAQ

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What are graphicsR Racing Stripes?
GraphicsR Racing Stripes are a universal trim-to-fit customizable body graphic. They come in a three sections, two sections are 72" in length and one section is 36" in length. They can be applied to the hood, roof and bumpers of you car, truck or SUV.

What comes in a
graphicsR Racing Stripes Kit?
You will receive three racing stripes total.  Two 72" sections and one 36" section. The widths of the graphic vary depending on the style. The widths and spacing are listed in the diagram of the graphic.

Will this Racing Stripe fit my vehicle?
This is a universally sized graphic and can be applied to most vehicles.  Always measure your application areas prior to purchasing this kit.  We recommend using a tailor's tape measure as it will take into considerations the curves of your vehicle. If you don't have one, use a string and then measure the portion of the string that represents the graphic with a tape measure or ruler.

How do I install a graphicsR Racing Stripes Kit?
The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our installation video on this page. Installing racing stripes can be a difficult process.
  > Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer.
  > Depends on whether the vehicle has complex curves, protrusions or is compounded.
  > Depends on if the proper installation tools and fluids are used.
  > Depends on whether the installer is familiar with a wet application method.

What graphicsR application tools do you recommend?
All of them. Installation can be difficult and the tools we sell help guarantee results.
  > A squeegee will reduce air bubbles and aide in heat conforming the graphic.  
  > Low friction sleeves prevent "squeegee scratches." 
  > Rapid Prep removes any dirt or debris from your painted surface.
  > Rapid Tac will aide in the wet application of our vinyl graphic.
  > Rapid Prep will act as a finishing agent and polish on all graphicsR products.
  > Seal-It Pens are used to seal the edges of all our graphicsR product lines.

How much does it cost to have my kit installed?
These kits are designed for the DIY installer.  We are here to help.  If you are planning to have your graphicsR product installed by a shop you will not generally save any money.  Installers generate their profit from installation costs, not the cost of film. They prefer to work with the film they regularly use and we recommend you go with their preferred film.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. GraphicsR products
offers a Standard Warranty film (3 years).  These professional grade films are guaranteed to not fade, peel, crack, bubble or change shade when installed properly. The only exception to this is our Chrome and Brushed Aluminum films which carry a 1 year warranty.

Are your Racing Stripes Glossy?
Yes, the film has a gloss finish which will blend with your vehicle's OEM finish, except for the case of Matte and Carbon Fiber R24 series films which have a sheen, but have a matte finish.

Will the paint not covered by my graphic fade?
By maintaining your car's paint with regular washing and waxing there will be little discernable difference.