What Are Pearlescent Films?

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Pearlescent Vinyl Film

Utilizing Rwraps™ Pearlescent wraps is a fantastic way to add the mother-of-pearl look to your vehicle or any other object you are planning to wrap and show off. The Pearlescent Series include vinyl films such as Avery Dennison SW900 Pearl, 3M 2080 Satin Pearl, and Rwraps in a significant variety of finishes colors, and color shifting effects.

Each of our Pearlescent Series films features either a glossy sheen or a satin, low gloss finish with a softened iridescence that appears very similar to a natural mother of pearl. The polychromic base or nacre is then accentuated by the predominant hue of each of these different Pearlescent wraps. One of the coolest things about our premium Pearlescent films is that they are created from multi-cast vinyl and feature pressure-sensitive, air-release adhesives so, during your application process, you'll receive get bubble-free results regardless of the crazy curves and angles of what you plan on wrapping.

What Is Pearlescent Vinyl?

If you want to learn about Pearlescent vinyl then you need to learn about its pigments. Pearlescent vinyl pigments are covered in mica platelets that ensure both color and appealing visual results to a ton of plastics, printing inks, and coatings. The luster of the pigments is transparent in nature and thanks to their smooth surfaces, can reflect light. The light that ends up getting reflected from the platelets generates an impression of depth and brightness that changes depending on particle size. For example, a satin sheen shows up the smaller the particles are while larger particles generate a glitter or sparkle. There are a few pearlescent pigments that are iridescent, displaying luminous colors that seemingly change once viewed from alternate angles. Despite the fact that these pigments are non-metallic, they also give some vinyl a metallic look. Also, nearly all pearlescent pigments are non-toxic and non-reactive.

The mica of pearlescent pigments can be natural or synthetic and are coated with iron oxide,  metal oxide, and titanium dioxide. The coated mica's platelets size, thickness, and shape all vary. The variety of these traits along with the thickness of the coating determines the appearance and color of the pigment. In addition to that, the coarseness and thickness of the particles will determine how it sparkles.

The origin of "pearlescent pigment" comes from natural pearl and mother-of-pearl. These particular pearls make up layers that end up reflecting light while also retaining enough transparency to enable light to penetrate deeper under the surface. The light is then reflected back to reach the viewer from several layers. This includes the upper layer, resulting in a lustrous appearance of reflected depth and light.

So these Pearlescent pigment colors are shown in our vinyl span a good amount of spectrums such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, and white. They can also display earthy tones like copper, russet, and bronze. And even light golds and gold colors. Many colors that we offer!

Properties of Pearlescent Vinyl

Along with the mass and characteristics of metal oxide, pearlescent pigments features defined and alternate characteristics that also determine their color.

Here are such characteristics:

  • Pigment Accumulation: The amount of pigment incorporated towards the base.
  • Transparency of the Film: The transference of unblocked light that passes through the vinyl.
  • Platelet Size: The size of the mica.
  • Platelet Direction: The direction the mica particles face.
  • Particle Size Distribution: A trait makeup of coarse and fine particles that lead towards the PSD bend.

Fantastic Finishes Designed for You

Why bother with taking your car to a shop and leaving it to get a paint job when you can wrap it yourself.

Choose from the available widths of — 12 inches, 24 inches, and 60 inches. They are offered by the foot in rolls that measure up to 10 yards. With that, you can receive the maximum length of material you need without spending more than what is necessary.

One of the coolest things about these wraps is that they incorporate pressure-sensitive adhesives when you are pressing the material onto a surface. These adhesive have invisible channels, which allows air to escape as you are going through the application process, which helps remove air bubbles that may form. All this is means is that you receive professional-level results without the hassle of utilizing glue or other chemicals. Be sure to check out our installation guide if you're new to the DIY method of wrapping!

Rwraps™ Wraps Application Suggestions

You can utilize Rwraps™ Pearlescent wraps in nearly any kind of installation. They're rated for outdoor and indoor use. Here's an example of these popular customizations:

Cover Installations for Pearlescent Wraps

Pearlescent wraps have a variety of usages, however, you may utilize them for the most universal reason; breathing new life into your vehicle. The pearlescent film is usually used to cover the exteriors of a vehicle but it can be used to enhance the interior as well. There is no limit to what it can be used for. Here is a list of some of the most frequent methods people use the pearlescent vinyl wrap for when executing the ultimate customized look for their ride:

  • Full body wrap: Wrapping a vehicle fully in the eye-catching pearlescent vinyl makes a unique look, that will make you stand out on the road.
  • Mirrors: Usually a forgotten part of a car, your mirrors will help differentiate itself on the road with the right kind of color you choose.
  • Dashboard: Rejuvenating your old and tired dashboard will make your car appear brand spanking new.
  • Interior layout: Enhancing the inside of your car or truck with the pearlescent film is a great and very popular option to add visual flair, be it on the consoles or doors.
  • Bumpers: No place is too small or insignificant and the bumpers are no different when it comes to bringing new life to your ride.
  • Hoods and trunks: Vinyl is commonly used for custom graphics or decals to go on your car's exterior.

Pearlescent Wrap Installations for Other Items

Pearlescent vinyl can appear beautiful on more than just a car. If you're the type of person who enjoys different recreational vehicles often and is looking to customize them, you can apply this vinyl to:

Redecorate all of your items with a regal Pearlescent look to show off your personality, whether you're on the road doing errands, on a road trip, or taking your ride to a social gathering.

Other Uses for Pearlescent Vinyl

Pearlescent vinyl is a greatly adaptable product and using it is an amazing way to customize your furniture or other items:

  • Furniture: Customizing smooth, hard surfaces such as dryers, desks, washers, chairs, and dressers is a great idea. Maybe you want to brighten up your RV, apartment, or home. You may also want to cover up damages and blemishes. Regardless of the reasoning, a Pearlescent vinyl set of customized furniture will revitalize your interior for all to see.
  • Architectural applications: You can apply to nearly anything around your home, from columns and beams to cabinet doors and backsplashes. Turn your murky basement into a regal getaway or turn your bathroom into a pristine bathroom.
  • Pearlescent craft projects: Pearlescent vinyl looks great on props, toys, costume fashion, and other products you can think of. Get those creative juices going with your craft vinyl installations! You can make signs for your home or a customized decal, whichever you decide, don't wait, get started today! 

What Makes Pearlescent Vinyl Great

Pearlescent vinyl features a lot of advantages. This vinyl can replicate the same shimmering patterns as pearls that make Pearlescent distinctive when applied to something. Giving off regality and status. It's a simple, yet popular material to make use of for vehicle owners and enthusiasts interested in the DIY hobby, or for commercial applications. Pearlescent vinyl is great due to its:

1. Easy Cleaning

The best thing about vinyl is how low-maintenance it is, making it very easy to clean. Thanks to the washable Gloss finish with a white nacre appeal, pearlescent vinyl won't fade or deform when washed. As long as you don't make use of non-abrasive products, you can clean this vinyl with nearly anything. You can use a damp cloth as well to clean your installed wrap. Due to this durability, wraps are the ultimate choice for wrapping furniture and vehicle interiors. 

2. Low Price

Vinyl is far more budget-friendly compared to getting a paint job and won't be ruined by simple scratches. Pearlescent vinyl has great value and an adequate lifespan. It's also easy to replace or if you're in the mood for another color, it's easy to remove and install another.

3. Great in Variety

Vinyl is easier to choose from in terms of color, giving you options like Rwraps™ Pearlescent in eye-popping red, and you can buy Pearlescent vinyl with different sheens and shimmers.

4. Durability

Pearlescent vinyl is created from a multi-layer material these nacre films give you stretch and conformability you will need to utilize to wrap around any corner and into nearly any crevice without losing its polychromic sheen effect. Created with air channels in the adhesives, you get bubble-free results with ease. It has an expected end-use life of around 5-7 Years

5. Adaptability

When you're customizing an object such as a ship, small paddle boat, or deal with any other external parts that get consistently exposed to water, Pearlescent vinyl can handle the water and can make your boat look like its true luxury to sail on. For places such as the interior control room of a boat, vinyl with the look of Pearlescent really brings eyes to you when you have passengers. 

6. Simplicity to Install

As you have learned by now, this vinyl will be extremely easy to apply thanks to its pressure-sensitive air release technology. Getting the appearance of Pearlescent in almost any kind of DIY project will open up a lot of possibilities for you. Select Rwraps™ Pearlescent to receive a simple, straightforward application. You can also order a squeegee and application razor to get you started on your project. 

Snag Pearlescent Film With Rvinyl

Now that you're well versed with the aspects of Pearlescent vinyl, its pigments, and general composition, you are now prepped and ready to choose the best vinyl for your upcoming project. Order quality, Pearlescent wrap adhesive vinyl for your DIY projects and save money on getting a paint job. Regardless of what you plan to wrap, you can receive credit for showing off your installed wrap and get cool swag from us. All you have to do is submit 5 or more high-quality images of your installed wrap to us. Contact us online, and we will get back to you about your experience.

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