1998 Ford Windstar AVS Bugflector Smoke Hood Shield

AVS® Ford Windstar 1995-1998 Bugflector™ Hood Shield

This is a smoked custom-molded hood shield designed specifically for 1998 Ford Windstar models, its made in the USA and precision-engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly. This hood shield's low to medium-profile is aerodynamically efficient, and provides excellent protection as stones and other debris ricochet away from the hood and windshield. A cost effective and stylish alternative to...

Price: $71.40 Retail: $102.50

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1998 Ford Windstar AVS Interceptor Hood Shield

Lund® Ford Windstar 1990-2003 Interceptor™ Smoke Hood Shield

This hood shield's durable polycarbonate material makes this accessory wear-and-tear resistant as well as car-wash-safe. Installation takes just a few minutes and the customization lasts a lifetime. This form fitted smoked hood shield is the original full-height, wrap-around hood shield, protecting your hood paint, fenders and windshield against bugs, rocks and sand. Invest in your 1998 Ford...

Price: $85.40 Retail: $129.95

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