Lund  Billet Grille (W/ Logo Cutout)

Lund® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Billet Grille (W/ Logo Cutout)

Upgrading the exterior of your is a snap with Lund's polished grilles. Manufactured from premium grade billet aluminum, these kits install over factory grilles for an instant OEM upgrade. There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on installation costs at the dealership when you can save by using Lund's easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions. Mount, admire and drive in minutes,...

Price: $129.94 Retail: $185.35

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 Boss Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Boss Grille (1500)

CNC milled aluminum grilles are powder coated in a deep black finish to create a crisp modern look. A perfect compliment for blackout headlights and tail lights, these custom grilles come with all mounting hardware and step-by step installation instructions . Replacing your OEM grille has never been easier than with this Putco product line, make your ride the "Boss."

Price: $482.99 Retail: $505.28

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 Designer FX Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Designer FX Grille (1500 Factory Slot)

This is Putco's premier grill insert designed specifically for models. Featuring a twenty percent heavier gauge stainless steel material than their traditional grilles, you can feel the super quality and craftsmanship that wen into making these accessories. With the NeveRust stainless steel lifetime warranty this product was designed to OEM standards. Simple to install using a hidden mounting...

Price: $450.99 Retail: $472.54

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 Flaming Inferno Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Flaming Inferno Grille (1500)

Someone call the fire department because these grilles are hot! These chrome mirror finish overlays feature Putco's NeveRust Stainless Steel construction designed for your . Installation is simple as it applies over your existing manufacturer's grille using an included hex-key tool and stainless steel hardware. With a heavy gauge design and lifetime warranty you can enjoy the flame design for...

Price: $150.99 Retail: $157.73

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 Liquid Boss Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Liquid Boss Grille (1500)

With an improved installation method to boot, its no wonder that professional restylers are choosing the Boss series. Aggressively oversized with a 1/4" solid aluminum frame it is designed to set your off from the pack. A thick coated 3-D appearance has a mirror finish you can see your reflection in. CNC machined to exacting standards, this lifetime warranty grille should have been named "King." ...

Price: $495.99 Retail: $519.55

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 Liquid Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Liquid Grille (1500)

No expense was spared in the manufacturing of this bolt-on grille inserts. Using a mirror finish aluminum, this heavy gauge design is 1/4" thick and engineered for your . It is not necessary to remove your factory grille, meaning installation is quicker and easier with no major modification needed. Backed by Putco's lifetime warranty, the Liquid series is a premier auto accessory line.

Price: $452.99 Retail: $474.42

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 Liquid Mesh Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Liquid Mesh Grille (Insert)

Featuring a chrome plated CNC billet aluminum border and chrome plated aluminum mesh, the Liquid series by Putco is the perfect grille for your . Putco's NeveRust Lifetime Warranty and detailed installation instructions are great features for a part of your ride that sees constant attack from bugs and debris. The style is sick and the look is off the hook, you can even reinstall factory emblems...

Price: $773.99

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 Liquid Spider Web Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Liquid Spider Web Grille (1500)

This is one mean looking grille overlay for your . Constructed from a thick 3D polished mirror finish aluminum, its heavy gauge design is a whopping 1/4" thick. It easily bolts over the existing factory grille for aggressive style reminiscent of spider web tattoos and Harleys all backed by a dependable lifetime warranty.

Price: $551.99 Retail: $578.12

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 Punch Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Punch Grille (1500)

This mirror finish punch grill is a bolt-on insert manufactured from stainless steel. It installs over your OEM grille, no need to remove any OEM parts for installation. With a heavy metal gauge design and included mounting hardware, these highly stylized accessories are custom made to fit your .

Price: $159.99

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 Racer Grille

Putco® GMC Sierra 2007-2013 Racer Grille (1500)

If you value performance and design, this elliptical patterned custom grille offers maximum airflow to cool your 's engine. With a polished mirror finish, this stainless steel accessory bolts over your factory grille with included mounting hardware. Installation can't get any easier than that, perfect for DIY installers. With a full-fledged lifetime warranty, Putco stands behind its American...

Price: $179.99 Retail: $188.31

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