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Audi A6 Window Tint Trim Kit

The Audi A6 arrived in 1995 and featured a longer wheelbase, wider track, a shorter front/rear overhangs, a adjusted suspension design, and a more coupe-like roof line, making it clearly more sportier and more aggressive than its predecessor, the Audi 100. Being that tinting your vehicle's windows can be a time-consuming process, most people assume that it's a job best left to a local shop despite the high-cost and the very real possibility of shoddy work. Rtint™ changed all of that when they began selling high-quality precut automotive tint kits for your exact make, model and year directly to the consumer. Any variant of your A6 can be found, so get your Rtint™ Precut Window Tint Kit today.

4 Perks to Utilizing Rtint™

If you are interested in having the windows of your A6 tinted and are on a budget, you've arrived to the right place because we make ordering straightforward with our innovative and intuitive order-by-picture interface while offering more options and combinations than anyone else all at the fraction of having it done at a shop. You can simply select a visor only, back only, front or rear windshield only kit or go for the whole whole works with a complete kit. Purchase just what you need and get the right combination of VLT to make sure you stay legal. Choose from 5%, 20%, 35% or 50% VLT and be sure to check out our comprehensive tint Law Guide to help you navigate the laws regarding window tints in your state. In short, here are 4 great reasons to buy an A6 Window Trim Kit.

  1. Protects your privacy and reduces the sun's glare
  2. Buy only the tint you need
  3. Proudly buy American made Rtint™ products
  4. Enjoy the peace of mind of a standard 3-Year Warranty

Upgrade and Save Money

We offer a Detailed Guide to help you install your Window Tint, and when you do, make sure to submit high quality photos of your installed kit to reveive a $20 Cash Back Rebate. When you add more items to your cart you can also save money by qualifying for free shipping. Add the protection and style of a precut Audi A5 Window Tint kit in a variety of shades. Need more? Check out our Headlight tint covers, precut Tail Light tints and Dash Kits kits for a fully customized ride. Whatever you choose, be sure to get it in one shot to save not only your precious time but your money too!

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Right hand front tint was damaged in shipping, so was the very back window tint in several places.


4.00 | 1 Reviews