BMW 2-Series Pillar Post Trim

Upgrade Your BMW 2-Series with Pillar Trim

The ease of application allows even those unfamiliar with vehicle customization to achieve professional-looking results. Unlike DIY wraps, these kits take away the guesswork and offer a sure fit, ensuring that the end result looks seamless and professionally done. The tailored design of these trim kits also makes the installation process easier, as they are created to align perfectly with the contours and dimensions of your specific vehicle model. The range of choices available in these trim kits allows for a personalized experience, making your vehicle stand out in a way that resonates with your style. The investment in a model specific wrap shows an appreciation for quality and detail, enhancing the overall appearance and value of the vehicle. In selecting one of these tailored trim kits, you are choosing an accessory that understands and accentuates the unique design language of BMW 2-Series. With Rtrim Pillar Trims, 3M Pillar Post Wraps, Rwraps, and Avery Dennison Pillar Post Trim Wraps, the potential to redefine the aesthetics of your vehicle is limitless, especially when tailored to the unique specifications of BMW 2-Series.

An Almost Limitless Selection

Rtrim's signature glossy finish can provide a sleek and polished look that accentuates the contours of your vehicle, especially if it's a BMW 2-Series. The wood grain finishes offer a classic and timeless appearance, exuding warmth and elegance. These kits are designed to be user-friendly, making the process of choosing and applying the right color and finish for your vehicle effortless. Each color and finish is rigorously tested for wear and tear, ensuring that they can withstand the challenges of daily driving. Whether you’re interested in a smooth and glossy look or a textured and matte finish, Rtrim’s Precut Pillar Trim Kits have an option for every preference. The variety in textures and finishes allows for a more dynamic and multi-dimensional appearance, enhancing the visual complexity and uniqueness of your BMW 2-Series. The selection process is made easy with Rtrim's well-categorized options, allowing customers to browse and choose with confidence.

Hassle-Free Installation with High-Quality Results

If you encounter any bubbles, use a pin to gently release the air and then smooth the area with the squeegee. The process begins by carefully selecting the appropriate vinyl pillar trim that matches the size and shape of the pillar posts on your vehicle. Whether you choose precut or wrap, the first step is to thoroughly clean the surface of the pillar posts using a mild detergent and water to remove any dirt or grease. Investing in quality tools like squeegees and heat guns can make the installation process smoother and more efficient. Allow the vinyl to cool and set for a few hours, following any specific guidelines that come with the product you're using. Patience and precision are essential during the installation, as rushing through the process can lead to bubbles, wrinkles, or misalignment. The choice between precut and wrap can depend on your confidence in cutting and shaping the vinyl, with precut often being a more accessible option for specific vehicles like BMW 2-Series.

Upgrade Your BMW 2-Series Today

The investment in your vehicle's aesthetics is not only a personal satisfaction but adds to its overall value. Our products are not only about appearance; they offer protection and durability, giving you peace of mind. Not sure which product is right for you? Our extensive guides and tutorials can help you make an informed decision. Why wait for tomorrow when you can transform your car today? Our fast shipping ensures that you'll have your product in no time. Your car reflects who you are, and with our products, you can make a statement that resonates with your style, especially if you drive a BMW 2-Series. With our secure payment options, shopping has never been easier or more convenient, even if you're purchasing for a specific model like BMW 2-Series. Click, purchase, and prepare to transform your vehicle, including your prized BMW 2-Series, into something truly special; the road to a more stylish drive starts here!

BMW 2-Series Pillar Trim

The BMW 2-series is fast and nimble in the way that classic Bimmers used to be. The 2-Series is kind of the entry-level Bimmer becasue others in the class have more in the way of driver-assistance technology, luxury materials, and connectivity options, but true believers will still be happy to get behind the wheel of this ride. Restyle and update your door pillars today and choose from more than 80 great colors and styles. Not able to find a set of vehicle specific pillar trim? You're in luck because we now have both 1080 Series and Rwraps ™ Pillar Wraps that are designed to offer you the very finest in functionality and style.

Precut Rtrim ™ BMW 2-Series Pillar Kits

Rtrim ™ 2-Series Door Pillar Trim are made especially for your ride. Pick from a number of patterns like 3D Carbon Fiber, Matte or Gloss Black, Brushed Metal and many more. We've also got custom styles like Chrome, Checkered and Chameleon. An excellent option for including a feel of personalized styling to your pillar trim and, because these self-adhesive trim pieces include air-egress, pressure-sensitive glues, installation is uncomplicated and quick. Another great characteristic of Rtrim ™ Pillar Post Trim is they're non-permanent so regardless of whether you want to sell your vehicle or merely change its appearance, it is possible never having to worry about damage.

3M™ and Rwraps™ Pillar Wrap Films

Don't see a vehicle specific alternative for your 2 Series or you simply want to do something a bit more unique, check out our wide array of 1080 Series and Rwraps™ Pillar Wraps. With over 200 styles and colors to choose from, there's bound to be something for everyone. Manufactured from the same materials as our Rtrim™ Precut Pillar Post Trim but available as uncut sheets, you'll love the performance and value of these long-lasting, high-style products.Want to know what's involved in the installation process? Check out our great articles on how to wrap your door pillars in our blog and resource section.

Anatomy of Your BMW's Pillar Posts

Your 2-Series's roof support structure on either side of a car's windscreen are known as your A pillars. On a typical sedan, additional support beams are situated between your front and back doors (B pillar) and on each side of the rear window (C pillar). In Sports utility vehicles, hatchbacks and wagons with extended cargo areas, the C Pillar is the vertical support behind the rear door while the vertical supports at the rear of the vehicle are named D pillars.

Get Cash Back for Your Pillar Trim

When you submit pictures of your installed BMW 2-Series Rtrim™ Pillar Trims or wrapped pillar posts, you can get up to a $20 Instant Rebate Refund. Want more? Post a review to our site and you could save up to $10 on your next order. So, what are you waiting for? Modify your door pillars today with any of our great and affordable options.


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