BMW 2-Series Pillar Trim

The BMW 2-series is fast and nimble in the way that classic Bimmers used to be. The 2-Series is kind of the entry-level Bimmer becasue others in the class have more in the way of driver-assistance technology, luxury materials, and connectivity options, but true believers will still be happy to get behind the wheel of this ride. Restyle and update your door pillars today and choose from more than 80 great colors and styles. Not able to find a set of vehicle specific pillar trim? You're in luck because we now have both 1080 Series and Rwraps ™ Pillar Wraps that are designed to offer you the very finest in functionality and style.

Precut Rtrim ™ BMW 2-Series Pillar Kits

Rtrim ™ 2-Series Door Pillar Trim are made especially for your ride. Pick from a number of patterns like 3D Carbon Fiber, Matte or Gloss Black, Brushed Metal and many more. We've also got custom styles like Chrome, Checkered and Chameleon. An excellent option for including a feel of personalized styling to your pillar trim and, because these self-adhesive trim pieces include air-egress, pressure-sensitive glues, installation is uncomplicated and quick. Another great characteristic of Rtrim ™ Pillar Post Trim is they're non-permanent so regardless of whether you want to sell your vehicle or merely change its appearance, it is possible never having to worry about damage.

3M™ and Rwraps™ Pillar Wrap Films

Don't see a vehicle specific alternative for your 2 Series or you simply want to do something a bit more unique, check out our wide array of 1080 Series and Rwraps™ Pillar Wraps. With over 200 styles and colors to choose from, there's bound to be something for everyone. Manufactured from the same materials as our Rtrim™ Precut Pillar Post Trim but available as uncut sheets, you'll love the performance and value of these long-lasting, high-style products.Want to know what's involved in the installation process? Check out our great articles on how to wrap your door pillars in our blog and resource section.

Anatomy of Your BMW's Pillar Posts

Your 2-Series's roof support structure on either side of a car's windscreen are known as your A pillars. On a typical sedan, additional support beams are situated between your front and back doors (B pillar) and on each side of the rear window (C pillar). In Sports utility vehicles, hatchbacks and wagons with extended cargo areas, the C Pillar is the vertical support behind the rear door while the vertical supports at the rear of the vehicle are named D pillars.

Get Cash Back for Your Pillar Trim

When you submit pictures of your installed BMW 2-Series Rtrim™ Pillar Trims or wrapped pillar posts, you can get up to a $20 Instant Rebate Refund. Want more? Post a review to our site and you could save up to $10 on your next order. So, what are you waiting for? Modify your door pillars today with any of our great and affordable options.


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