BMW Z4 Pillar Post Trim

The Z4 replaced the popular BMW Z3 as a more curvaceous and stylized interpretation of a two-passenger sports car coupe. Designed for performance, the two-seat interior also projects a sense of luxury with power mirrors and a standard ten speaker stereo surround sound system. In 2006, a permanent roof coupe Z4 joined the BMW Z4 roadster. Choose from either vehicle specific vinyl trim kits custom made to order or wrap your A, B or C pillars yourself with premium quality wrapping films.

Rtrim ™ BMW Z4 Window Pillar Posts

Rtrim™ BMW Z4 Pillar kits are precut and made to order for your car. Fabricated from top quality, self-stick vinyl . Select from many different shades like factory style Matte Black, Chrome, Metallic, Carbon Fiber and many more. In conjunction with these finishes, Rtrim™ also offers specialized styles like Diamond Plate, Engine Turn, Sticker Bomb and Camouflage patterns. Well suited for adding a touch of style to your Z4's pillars and produced by a company with years of experience. When you purchase Rtrim™ you can be assured of buying the very best fit each and every time. Plus, since these trim decals are formulated using the most recent in air-egress, pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, application is easy. Only thoroughly clean, peel off, heat and stick on. One more attribute of Rtrim™ Window Pillar Decals is that they are semi-permanent so regardless of whether you want to sell your motor vehicle or just altering its visual appeal and feel, it's possible without causing damage.

BMW Z4 Pillar Wraps

If you'd like to wrap your window pillar posts in order to save both time and cash? Take a peek at our 6 step guide to acquire a more in-depth idea but we'll offer you a quick run-down here so you can easily see whether a B pillar Wrap could be the smart choice for you. We find that our window pillar wraps are commonly a great option if you wish to wrap not just the A, B and C pillars but are trying to wrap your panels, window trim and rearview mirrors to and get a completely custom look.

Tools Necessary Apply Pillar Post Trim

For the very best results, BMW sure you put together the following tools and supplies:

  • Razor Blade
  • Hard Card
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hair Dryer
  • 3M™ Primer Pen

Once you've got everything required, clean and prepare the pillar posts with alcohol or Rapid Prep fluid. Next, after having determined the amount needed for each pillar, perform a rough cut and test fit. Once you have the properly sized vinyl, remove from backing and apply to the post. Lastly, heat, squeegee on and trim.

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