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Gloss Wraps

Gloss Wraps & Gloss Films

Gloss vinyl wraps & films appeal to a variety of customers for their high gloss paint appearance that comes at a fraction of the cost. You'll often see gloss films on signs, vehicles, personal devices, and other crafting projects. If you want to increase the visual appeal of an object, you'll want to know more about the many applications and differences between the kinds of gloss vinyl.

What Are Gloss Wraps?

Gloss wraps are an alternative to shiny, high gloss paint. Companies usually make gloss wraps out of vinyl or another type of film that can be applied over a surface to change its appearance. You'll most commonly see gloss wraps on vehicles, as they're much less expensive than paint and last for a long time.

Types of Gloss Vinyl Available

When you're looking for gloss vinyl for crafting projects, vehicles or advertising purposes, there are four top brands to consider. 3M, Avery Dennison, ;ORACAL®, and Rwraps® all offer exceptional gloss wraps with options in the color and size you need. Check out more details on the top brands of gloss films below:

3Mâ„¢ Gloss Wraps and Films

1. 3M™ Gloss Wraps and Films

3M™ produces several types of gloss wraps buyers can use to outfit their vehicles, signs, and other surfaces with a glossy covering. The Series 50, 7125, 1080, and 2080 all offer distinct advantages buyers should be aware of before purchasing. By knowing more about what each wrap type offers, you can ensure you're getting one that meets your needs. Learn more about the top 3M™ wraps and films below:

3M™ 7125 Scotchcal Graphic Film

The 7125 Scotchcal graphic film is a popular choice for those working with vinyl cutters to craft unique projects and outfit signs with messages. The 2-millimeter thick vinyl cast film features a high gloss finish to capture visual attention. Additionally, 3M™ designed these wraps for use with electronically cut, pre-spaced permanent graphics. The film is sold in 24-inch wide cuts, giving you plenty of space to work with.

You can safely use this gloss vinyl indoors or outdoors, as this type of sign and craft vinyl is rated for seven years of outdoor durability. You can select from a variety of colors, such as Antique White, Apple Green, Bermuda Blue, Black, Bright Orange, Dark Gray, Harvest Gold, Olympic Blue, and more. The film features clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive to make installation easy.

3M™ Scotchcal™ Series 50 Film

Scotchcal™ Series 50 Film is another great option for signage and other crafting uses. The 2-millimeter thick calendered vinyl film is rated to last five years without needing replacement. Companies and individuals looking for a cost-effective solution for crafting projects and signage regularly turn to this film for its affordability. Some of the colors you can select from include Azure Blue, Beige, Black, Dark Green, Lemon Yellow, Pink, Purple, Teal, and Transparent.

Installing these films is easy as well. For white films, there is a blueliner around the see-through pressure-sensitive adhesive, and for all other colors, there's a white liner to make it simple to apply accurately. For temporary applications, you can remove the wrap with heat as long as you do so three years or less into its life. You can often find this film on public transportation, labels, opaque signs, windows, and walls to provide extra decoration and unique messaging.

3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080

Many customers have trusted the Wrap Film Series 1080 to wrap vehicles, watercraft, and other surfaces. It's a 3.5-millimeter thick dual cast film that easily conforms over hard, non-porous surfaces due to its Comply™ technology. This film also has a seven-year life span, meaning you can trust it to look its best for a long time. If you're hoping to make your car appear like it has expensive paint, this is a cost-effective solution for you.

Because buyers consistently use this vinyl wrap on large vehicles and watercraft, it's a whopping 60 inches wide. Its width and air-egress adhesive provide users seamless wrapping around their vehicles. It also comes in several colors, such as Atomic Teal, Black, Boat Blue, Cinder Spark Red, Glacier Gray, Lemon Sting, and Sterling Silver.

3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080

As an upgrade to the 1080 Series of wraps, the 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 builds on its predecessor's popularity by providing a range of colors and high-quality films. Like 1080, 3M™ made 2080 into a dual cast, 3.5-millimeter thick vinyl film. The film is even more long-lasting, as it comes with an eight-year life span. These gloss wraps are 60 inches wide to make it easy to wrap a vehicle, watercraft, or other large applications.

The air-release Comply™ adhesives make installation easy. These products come with heat-activated, pressure-sensitive vinyl, so you can quickly install the wraps onto a hard, non-porous surface. Once applied, the high-gloss shine ensures the wrap stands out. The wraps come in several colors, such as Light Ivory, Intense Blue, Sunflower Yellow, Atomic Teal, Black Rose, Cinder Spark Red, Ember Black, Hot Pink, White Gold Sparkle, and Storm Gray.

Avery Dennison Gloss Wraps

2. Avery Dennison Gloss Wraps & Films

There are several kinds of Avery Dennison gloss wraps available. You can choose from the SW900, HP750, PC500, and SC950. Each of these come with specific advantages and can be used for many applications. Before you select a gloss film, review some of the primary Avery Dennison gloss wraps & films below:

Avery Dennison SW900

The Avery Dennison SW900 Series Vinyl Film is a dual cast, 3.2-millimeter thick vinyl. These gloss wraps feature a protective layer to safeguard the wrapping from the elements. Buyers commonly use this product for wrapping standard and commercial vehicles. You'll often see these films on watercraft, labels, and signs. Avery Dennison has designed them to work on surfaces made of paint, glass, or reinforced plastics, making them very versatile.

You can easily install these 60-inch wide gloss vinyl films, as they come with Avery Dennison's patented Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology. Since they arrive with a bubble-free application, you can install the wrap yourself for a high-quality look at a cost-effective price. You can remove these gloss wraps without worrying about damage to the surface for a long time after application. These wraps offer a variety of colors, like Ambulance Yellow, Blue, Burgundy, Carmine Red, Light Pistachio, and White Pearl.

Avery Dennison HP750

The Avery Dennison HP750 is a solid color, intermediate vinyl film. It's flexible enough to cover flat surfaces and concave, convex, and compound curves. Additionally, the 3-millimeter thick vinyl is rated for six years of outdoor durability with its Advanced Acrylic Adhesive Technology. The vinyl also offers exceptional salt spray, UV, temperature, and humidity performance at an incredible price.

In addition to their impressive durability, these gloss films are ideal for applications where you need to cut your vinyl on a cutting machine, such as a Cricut. You'll often find these gloss films used with architectural, marine, and automotive applications. A major advantage of this kind of film is that Avery Dennison designed it for easy weeding. There are several colors you can select from, like Battleship Gray, Blossom, Buckskin, Cardinal Red, Cover White, Gold, Kelly Green, and Matte Black.

Avery Dennison PC500

The Avery Dennison PC500 film is ideal for promotional applications, such as outdoor signage and graphics for tradeshows. This calendered intermediate film lasts for up to four years outdoors, with attractive, high-gloss finishes. The film has a dimensionally stable liner, so you can easily cut and weed the material. There are a variety of color choices to choose from, with Apricot, Canary Yellow, Cherry Red, Lime, Mountain Green, and Silver being some of the top options.

Avery Dennison SC950

As you search for a vinyl designed for signage, the SC950 is an excellent choice. It can handle sharp corners and curvature with ease. These wraps can last for six years outdoors to protect signage from premature peeling, cracking, or fading that could harm your brand's image. Since the SC950 is a 2.1-millimeter thick super cast vinyl, you can use it with an electronic cutter or for thermal printing. It also has many colors available that simulate the appearance of a painted surface.


ORACAL® carries a variety of gloss wraps & films with some of the most cost-effective prices around — with some products going as low as $1.99. Some of the top ORACAL® products include the 651, 751C, 951, and 970RA. Learn more about each of these options below:

  • ORACAL® 651: Another top choice for DIY crafting projects is ORACAL® 651. You can use this 2.5-millimeter thick vinyl film both indoors and outdoors, and it is rated for six years of outdoor durability. Despite its toughness, you can still cut and weed it easily. It's a simple solution to help you craft graphics, signs, and other creative projects. These films come in 60 colors, so you can find the 651 gloss wrap that works perfectly for you.
  • ORACAL® 751C: The 751C gloss vinyl is a high performance, a solid color vinyl film designed to last for eight years outdoors. Like other ORACAL® films, the company designed them to weed easily so customers can create high-quality crafting creations. Another advantage is their exceptional performance in tough environments against damaging humidity, UV, salt spray, and temperature. They conform well to the compound, concave and convex curves.
  • ORACAL® 951: One of the premium offerings from ORACAL® is the 951. This 2-millimeter premium cast film comes in a staggering selection of 146 gloss colors and has a high-gloss finish. With a decade's worth of outdoor durability, you can confidently place it on vehicles and public transportation. It even conforms to curved and uneven surfaces, such as corrugations and rivets. Its exceptional wedding allows you to wrap small objects, like laptops, cell phones, and iPods. 
  • ORACAL® 970RA: The ORACAL® 970RA films are very unique. They offer a color-shifting effect to really stand out, especially when you place one on a vehicle. You can purchase these wraps in several colors like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Aubergine Bronze, Avocado, Green Blue, Pearl Symphony, and Ultramarine Violet. Customers regularly use these 4-millimeter thick vinyl wraps to partially or fully wrap vehicles. They'll last five years outdoors, and you can install them easily with their pressure-sensitive adhesives.


4. Rwraps®

Gloss vinyl film wraps from Rwraps® offer excellent quality at impressive prices. Their air release channels are heat activated and pressure-sensitive to make installation as simple and fast as possible. These glossy vinyl film wraps are 3 millimeters thick and are incredibly durable to last for many years after application. In addition to the films' long-lasting nature, you can remove them easily when you're ready to give a vehicle or sign a new look. 

Rwraps® films are also commonly used for partial and full vehicle wraps, allowing you to trick out your vehicle with an attractive color resembling a high-quality paint job. When choosing a wrap, you can select from several colors, such as Arctic Blue, Blue, Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Silver. The many color options give you the opportunity to find the perfect hue for your style. The glossy finish and bold colors are sure to catch attention.

Many customers choose Rwraps® for the versatility in sizes they offer, as they come in three widths. With 12-inch, 24-inch, and 60-inch width options, you can find a size that works for your application. The wraps also conform well to concave, convex, and compound curves. Due to their conformability and size differences, Rwraps® films are commonly used in scrapbooking, architectural applications, signage, and automotive detailing and coverings. They're even compatible with a Cricut vinyl cutter. 

Applications of Gloss Car Wraps and Vinyl Films

There are several common applications for gloss car wraps and vinyl films. With all the brands and series available, anyone can find a vinyl film for their project. Some of the primary gloss vinyl film applications include:

  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Pillar trims
  • Side mirrors
  • Hoods and trunks
  • Race stripes
  • Dash kits
  • Car and truck interior trims
  • 4-wheeler exteriors
  • Craft vinyl projects
  • Signage
  • Furniture wraps
  • Architectural applications

Choose Rvinyl for High-Quality Gloss Wraps and Films

Rvinyl is proud to offer the best gloss vinyl films available. Enjoy free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $59.99 and a product rebate when you submit photos of our products in action. Browse our selection of gloss wraps today. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Choose Rvinyl for High-Quality Gloss Wraps and Films

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1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula
by Bruce clattenburg,jr, Delaware 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This is the first wrap I've ever done and I'll say it's probably the only way I'll ever refinish a vehicle on my own again. It came out BEAUTIFUL and I don't have ideal conditions to work in. No garage so out in the yard is my shop. It is EASY to install once you get the hang of how it behaves on different surfaces and contours and once you get a feel for its stretch limits and all. I got better at it as I worked my way around the car. This is another advantage. You can stop when you have to and start again when you can. Unlike with painting. My only trouble besides my learning curve is how to wrap some of the deep recesses on the Fiero like the turn signals on the front and rear bumpers. I may try to color match the film with paint for those small areas. Of course the better the surface prep the better the finish. Mine was mostly loose and powdery original clear coat on the hood, roof and deck lid/wing and the tops of the fenders. You can see where I did a better or worse job at prep in those areas. I would have been happy if it came out a fifty footer but I LOVE it and it is a real attention getter.
review image   review image   review image   review image   review image  

Just what I wanted
by Arby, Washington State 4.75

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I found the web site expansive. But the different products were not we'll differentiated as to purpose or application for the novice user. The customer service people were helpful in guiding me to the right product line for my application.

Installation videos for application might be helpful including wet application. More info on the website for the various tools, and application products and their differences would be nice.

I had to order my needed material twice because as a novice, I screwed up the first effort and had to reorder for a second try.

In the end I am very happy and satisfied with the results.

Thank you
review image   review image  

Box and vinyl roll arrived dented
by MK, Iowa 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The vinyl I ordered worked just as it should, but it was difficult to cut around the wrinkles down the center of the entire length due to the lightweight box used for packaging. If I hadn't needed to turn the project around literally the same day as the vinyl arriving, I would have tried to get a replacement. Luckily, the logo, while larger than the vinyl's 2ft width, was in enough small pieces I could cut around the wrinkles for the most part. It did make the cutting and application a more frustrating patchwork.
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4.83 | 470 Reviews