Custom Chevy Dash Kits

There's just no better way to customize or upgrade your Chevrolet's interior than with a dash kit from Rvinyl. Whether you're looking for an ultra-thin Rvinyl woodgrain dash kit to complement the interior of your Equinox, a genuine carbon fiber dash trim for your Malibu or something a little more unique like a stickerbomb or camo dash kit for your Silverado, we've got that and more. We are dedicated to helping Chevy enthusiasts get the most out of their vehicles which is why we offer the best prices and widest selection of Chevrolet custom dash kits anywhere. And, with our cash back rebate program, low price guarantee and next business day fulfillment you just can't afford not to buy a dash kit today.

Chevrolet: Designing World Class Interiors

Chevy is one of the Big Three American auto manufacturers and is known throughout the world for its large portfolio of cars, trucks and SUVs. And, even though most people are awed by the exterior styling of the Camaro, Corvette and its line of pickup trucks, it's clear that they must be doing something right in the interior of their vehicles to have risen to such heights.

Recognizing that high-quality, stylish and uber-functional cabins are crucial to staying ahead of the competition, Chevrolet has spared nothing in updating its designs. Just take a look at the latest concepts teased at the recent Shanghai Auto Show and you'll see that Chevy is dedicated to producing leaner, meaner and more complex-looking interiors that will put Audi and BMW to shame not to mention their arch-nemesis Ford.

Synthesizing Safety and Style

Chevrolet's head of interior design, Crystal Windham, and GM's top noise and vibration engineer Dr. Tim Roggenkamp, have worked tirelessly to create a fusion of style and safety to create the ultimate driving experience. While it's clear that Chevy has scored some major wins with the exterior re-design of the Corvette, the Camaro and the Malibu but it is the interior that makes or breaks any automotive update.

In fact, interior automotive designers are quick to point out that most of the advancements seen in the last fifty years in terms of technology are to be seen in the inside of vehicles. Whereas the exterior of a car or truck serves at most a dual purpose (i.e., to improve fuel economy and to increase speed), automotive interiors are expected to accomplish a variety of tasks and meet a number of needs simultaneously. Aesthetics, ergonomics and longevity have always been issues that designers and engineers needed to take into account but the ever increasing list of safety features and the need to accommodate informational and entertainment devices have completely changed the game.

As a result of these challenges and due to Chevrolet's desire to create a uniform brand-experience in all of its vehicles from the Spark to the Impala, designers such as Windham are collaborating with automotive engineers such as Dr. Roggenkamp more closely than ever before. The results are to be seen in the use of premium interior trim materials, an updated color palette, interior carpet and headliner fabrics and inspired ambient lighting that reflects off of well-placed chrome accents. These aesthetic touches in combination with ergonomically designed and located gauges, switches and controls and a noise-free ride make for a user experiences that is bar none.

Chevy Dash Kits: Another Layer of Style

Although Chevy has come a long way in designing the interior of its vehicles to bring you the ultimate in comfort, durability and style it still needs to be said that no major automaker can deliver a completely customized interior to you straight from the factory at a price the average Joe or Jane can afford. Helping you personalize the interior of your Chevrolet car, truck or SUV is what we're all about at Rvinyl which is why we offer several different options of Chevrolet custom dash kits for you to choose from.

Whether you drive a Chevy Volt, the flagship Impala or a Tahoe you can trust Rvinyl to deliver the goods. Looking for a wood trim kit to complement the interior of your truck? Choose a dash trim from Benevento or DL Auto. If you want something a little more funky for the likes of a Sonic or Cruze, why not check out our Arctic camo or sticker bomb Automaxus kits made from premium materials with high-quality automotive adhesive backing. And, for the ultimate in style, price and selection why not try an ultra-thin, Rvinyl dash trim kit? Really, the sky is the limit when you want to customize your ride with Rvinyl's Full line of DIY interior accessories so don't wait, pick up a kit today and get started on your next project today!

Upgrade & Save

When you add more items to your cart you can save by qualifying for free shipping. Add the protection and style of a precut Chevrolet window tint kit in a variety of shades. Need more? Check out our headlight tint covers, precut tail light tints and paint protection kits. Whatever you choose, be sure to get it in one shot to save not only your precious time but your money too!

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Not a fit
by Michael, NC 3.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I ordered the dash kit for the 2022 Camaro. The pieces were too large and did not fit. Being fair I have made Rvinyl aware of the issue and I am awaiting the solution from them. At this point they appear attentive and will update this review upon resolution. This is the reason for the 1star rating
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know what you need
by Dean Swift, 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
As far as the product goes it was very good and easy to apply,,the only issue I had was I should have gotten the kit wo\air conditioning because they cut out for the vents and if you want the small flange covered you will have to cut little pcs. to fill the gap. also on my kit I received 2 of each pc. which helped a lot.

2021 Chevy Silverado
by Mo, Florida 2.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Was not what I expected, some pieces didn't fit properly.


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