Eagle Dash Trim Kits

If you've got a classic Summit or vintage Vision on your hands, dash kits are the best way to refresh and restore its interior quickly and without spending a fortune. We offer trim kits for all Eagle makes, models and years and, on the off-chance that we don't have one pre-made, can even design an Eagle custom dash kit as well. As always, we carry a wide range of manufacturers' dash kits so you can choose from traditional polyurethane domed kits from Benevento or DL Auto, hybrid interior kits from Automaxus or Rvinyl dash kits for an ultra-thin, paint-like appearance. Whatever you're looking for we're sure to have it so don't wait any longer, buy a dash kit for your Eagle today!

Eagle: The Brand that Could Have Been

There are few better examples of automotive brands that had so much potential but were left to die off than Eagle. Bought by Chrysler in 1987 from AMC-Renault, Eagle would go on to produce some of the most influential sports and tuner cars of the 1990s although most of its successes were under rebadged models such as the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mirage and the Dodge Intrepid. All of these vehicles were great successes for Mitsubishi and Dodge (in fact the Eclipse dash kits were our best-sellers for over a decade!) but, due to a lack of resources and Chrysler's decision to focus on its incredibly profitable Jeep brand, Eagle never had much of a chance to get off the ground.

And yet, Eagle deserves a lot more credit than the have been given. Take for example the Eagle Talon. One look at its interior styling and you can see that it was ahead of its time. The angular controls with sharp, sweeping corners made it the perfect template for carbon fiber dash kits of which we sold hundreds in the earlier part of the 21st Century. Unfortunately, as the 1990s wore one, Chrysler simply let the brand languish and by the time 1998 rolled around killed the marque off completely.

Great Selection. Low Prices.

All of the interior trim kits we offer are precision designed using the latest computer technology for accuracy of fit but differ in terms of their overcoat, adhesive and materials. Benevento dash kits for Eagle vehicles are made using high-quality materials like genuine carbon fiber and burlwood wood grains. They are computer designed, laser cut and hand-domed with polyurethane for a factory looking finish. In fact, Benevento has supplied factory trim to manufacturers like BMW and GMC and is renowned industry-wide for their quality and value.

Automaxus is a relative newcomer to the dash kit industry but have taken it by storm. Made using the same CAD and laser technologies as DL Auto and Benevento but without the poly layer, Automaxus Eagle dash trim kits give you even more options in terms of the colors you can choose from as well as a lower price point. They are as easy to install as poly-urethane kits because they come with VHB automotive trim tape just like Benevento kits but they have a thinner profile because they lack the doming. This means that if you prefer the satin finish of wood grain kits you can get it with Automaxus because they do not have the high-gloss, lacquered appearance.

Eagle dash kits by Rdash® give you the best in terms of affordability, number of pieces and color options. Made from premium materials these custom dash kits are the thinnest ton the market so when you purchase a solid color kit the look painted on. In addition, you can buy an Eagle dash kit from Rdash®  in just about any color or style imaginable. Want Marsh Camo? We got that. Engine Turn for that Steampunk look? You've come to the right place. With some many options and such great prices to upgrade the interior of your Eagle with a dash kit, do it today before the clock runs out.

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