Fiat Universal Custom Dash Kits

What is Fiat?

Fiat cars are built for city life. With their small profiles, peppy engines and incredible styling they are meant to parallel park in Manhattan, Chicago, Rome, Milan or any other cosmopolitan metropolis you can think of. Fiat is the original Italian automaker and its real name is Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory at Torino). With a history that began with its founding in 1899 and continues to this day, Fiat has produced some of the most iconic cars ever to hit the road. The Punto and Cinquecento made the company famous for its compact styling and great performance and, with their reintroduction into the US in 2011, one can only hope to see more great automotive icons in the near future.

The Fiat line may have come a long way in designing the interior of its vehicles to bring you the ultimate in comfort, style, and durability, it still needs to be said that no major automaker can deliver a completely customized interior to you straight from the factory at a price the everyday consumer can afford. The Fiat vehicles are already visually stunning but they don’t have your touch that says that this one specifically belongs to you.

Change that by adding some custom trims, finishes, or whatever best reflects your personality and interests. There are various finishes to choose from so you can be assured that your vehicle will be one of a kind. You will be able to instantly apply the custom dash kits no matter your experience level.

An Easy Installation Process

We have made the installation easy so you can get exactly the look you want. With self-adhesive vinyl, all you have to do is apply the vinyl and it will go right on. It has never been easier to apply vinyl with no help whatsoever. If you were worried about it being difficult or time consuming, then worry not. Within no time, you will have successfully installed the vinyl and driving around in the best-looking vehicle on the road!

Fiat custom dash kits are a specialty interior trim product that are made specifically to accent the interior of your vehicle. Simply select your model and year and then choose the desired color or finish of your Fiat custom trim kit. Choose from popular finishes of vinyl like carbon fiber, woodgrain, brushed aluminum or over 100 others. You will love the end result and be the proud owner of a unique vehicle that everyone will be admiring as you pass them by.

Once you've made your selections and placed your order, we will follow up with an email requesting that you confirm your details. We do this because we want to make sure that your custom trim kit is made to fit your Fiat like a glove and because all custom dash kits are non-refundable due to their custom nature. As soon as we receive your reply we begin work on the kit. Within 14 to 21 business days you can expect to receive confirmation of shipment via email.

Not sure what to expect when you order one of our custom kits? Like our other standard model Fiat dash kits, your custom dash kit will be made from premium, self-adhesive vinyl that applies directly over your existing dash. It is as easy as a walk in the park!

Why Choose an Fiat Custom Dash Kit?

When it comes to upgrading or refreshing the interior of your Fiat, custom dash kits are an excellent and affordable choice. When you just can't find a dash kit already made for your Fiat or when you want additional pieces that aren't available in existing kits or are unavailable for purchase you may just want to buy a custom dash kit from Rvinyl. And, because every custom Fiat dash kit we offer is made using the same design techniques and quality control processes, you can be confident that the kit you receive will fit your  Fiat like a glove and will look good for years to come.

Every custom Fiat dash kit is designed according to your specifications and within the limitations imposed by the vehicle's contours and materials that are used. We are unable to list the pieces that your custom trim kit will include prior to purchase because of the customization as a result. However, most Fiat custom dash kits will include the following pieces:

  • Center console surrounds
  • Door control surrounds
  • Air and defogger vent trim
  • Climate & radio control trim
  • Navigation surrounds
  • Transmission surrounds

Not all kits will include all of the trim above and some will include these and more but we suggest browsing our selection of Fiat dash kits to get an idea of what kind of trim pieces are generally covered. Naturally, because this is a completely custom designed product, we will work with you to get you the trim you want on a case by case basis. Do not hesitate to ask questions so you know exactly what you will be receiving in your custom dash kit.

Custom Designed Trim for You

Every custom Fiat dash trim kit comes with a single-page guide. It is easy to follow, step by step instructions that will help with the whole installation process. It covers everything from cleaning, preparation, installation to aftercare. It will include everything you need to know so you get the perfect end product. If you are not a big reader or understand better visually then we have you covered. We have a whole collection of video tutorials and guides to help you get to best understand the process. And, once you've installed your custom kit, you will be glad to know that you are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. If any piece of your Fiat dash kit ever peels, cracks, discolors or falls off, simply send us a picture and we'll replace it free of charge.

Even though our custom Fiat dash trim is easy to install, we recommend using specific tools for specific jobs to make your job even easier. Certain tools will guarantee the best results which is why we highly recommend checking out the add-ons. With our intuitively designed website, it is super easy to add-on essential tools like squeegees, application fluids or edge sealants. While we recommend that you purchase them to make your job easier, you can just as easily install the trim kit without them if you don’t want to. Every person is different and has preferences which help them work best. If you feel confident that you don’t need any tools, then good luck! However, if you want to work with the proper tools, then simply add them on to your purchase.

Drive Your Fiat in Style

Now you have a good idea of what the Fiat dash kit is and what it comes with. It is custom made to meet your needs and we will work with you to ensure it includes what you would like. There are a multitude of options so you can choose what best suits you and your vehicle. We have included instructions so you can follow them and not have to guess what to do. And with self-adhesive vinyl, you can apply them right on and they will stick. It has never been easier to stylize your Fiat and we are glad to be a part of the journey!

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Start with small and flat pieces that are easy to fit, just to get the right feel for the material and the easiest way to fit the components with the required precision
by Robert, BELLEVUE, WA 5.00

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Most important of all is cleaning the surfaces destined for beautification. This has to be done very thoroughly, or the dash kit panels will eventually come off. The base surface must be free not only from dirt and grease, it has to be absolutely free from silicone! Unfortunately, many products sold as vinyl treatment products are silicone based. Therefore you must treat all surfaces as if silicone has been applied to them. Wipe the surface several times with a clean cotton cloth moistened with a wax and grease remover.

A good brand to use is Prep-ALL Wax & Grease Remover. Use masking tape to test if the surface is clean. When a piece of masking tape sticks properly to the surface and you hear a ripping sound when you pull it off, you can go on and clean the surfaces to be clad with isopropyl alcohol (which you can find in any drugstore).

Start with small and flat pieces that are easy to fit, just to get the right feel for the material and the easiest way to fit the components with the required precision
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5.00 | 1 Reviews