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Dash kits give you the ability to upgrade your Hyundai's interior trim in a way that most people didn't believe was possible without spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars. With our wide selection of Hyundai dash kits in a variety of finishes, colors, and materials you can get a true, custom look and spend less than a night out to do it! Add a carbon fiber dash kit to your Veloster, accentuate your Santa Fe's dashboard with chrome trim or try out the look of high-gloss woodgrain in your Sonata. When it comes to price and selection you simply won't find a better place to buy your Hyundai custom dash kits. And, when you add additional items to your order you can qualify for fast and free shipping straight to your door. So, don't delay, buy your Hyundai dash kit here today!

Hyundai: Delivering Quality in Every Encounter

There was a time not too long ago when the words Hyundai Interior Design would be taken as the start of a bad joke but times have changed and the joke's on anyone who doubts Hyundai's credentials as a top-of-the-line automotive designer and manufacturer. One need only look at its flagship Equus, the sporty, youth-oriented Veloster it's easy to see that Hyundai has arrived in a big way.

With the cheap materials and uninspired styling of the 1990s era Hyundai Accent long forgotten and the freshly styled interiors of the latest model Genesis Coupe on our minds we can turn to Hyundai's latest teasers for the 2016 Equus to get an idea of what they have in store. And, with the slogan "Quality in Every Encounter" meant to carry its premium-line sedan into the future we can expect big things from Korea's largest car maker.

Interior Automotive Design: Hyundai's Healthy Obsession with Details

From the overall cabin design down to the smallest button and switch, Hyundai has spared nothing in its attention to detail as it raises the bar for interior auto trim design far above the norm. Not only have the designers given thought to the visual styling of the cockpit but each switch engages a resounding and authoritative sound, delivering both a tactile and aural thrill to the driver. In addition to such finely crafted minutiae, every stitch and tolerance has been executed with Zen-like precision and orchestrated like a finely tuned symphony to provide drivers and passengers alike with the ultimate automotive experience.

In the case 2016 Equus, leather is everywhere in the interior. But even in the mid-line Elantra you can find the use of supple leather with the upgraded trim packages. Complementing the leather upholstery is Hyundai's use of microfiber suede for the headliner. And, as one would expect, the dash panels and console are decked out in premium wood trim. But what is the underlying philosophy that holds these diverse aspects of interior design together? What is the secret to Hyundai's sudden success?

Fluidic Design Language

In 2006, Hyundai and Kia appointed ex-Volkswagen Group designer Peter Schreyer to design Kia vehicles before promoting him to head of design of both brands in 2013. It is clear that the move was a smart one because the last nine years have seen a tremendous amount of innovation and creativity in the designs that the Korean marque has put forward. Naturally, as a result of this the popularity of their vehicles has continued to grow. placing Hyundai on par with its Japanese competitors Honda and Toyota in terms of design and quality.

It was Schreyer who first coin the term "fluidic sculpture" and it is his eye for design that has launched Hyundai into the spotlight. The head designer envisions the Hyundai`s design language as a simple yet powerful philosophy that seeks to mimic the strength and vitality found in the natural world. So, what defines fluidic sculpture? Even Hyundai is hard-pressed to define the term despite the fact that it is that almost indefinable element in every vehicle the brand produces which lends it its distinctive Hyundai-ness and makes it visually stunning.

Perhaps the best way to describe fluidic sculptural design is as a polyesthetic design experience. By tuning the audio and tactile senses for comfort as well as visual allure, the idea of fluidic sculpture defies explanation in words and can only, truly be felt and understood in the driving experience.

Add Another Sensorial Dimension to Your Hyundai's Interior

Whether you choose a wood dash kit, carbon fiber or camouflage custom dash trim kit for your Hyundai's interior you can rely on our products to provide you with the level of style and quality you expect from fluidic design principles. We certain that when you tour our ever-growing collection of dash kits you 'll be impressed by the sheer number of choice s you have in customizing your ride's interior. And, in the exceptional case where we don't yet have a kit made for your vehicle, we always offer you the option to have a custom dash kit designed for you — an option you just won't find anywhere else.

Customize & Save

Once you've chosen your interior trim upgrade, don't stop there. Why not add the privacy and style of a precut Hyundai window tint kit from Rtint® or protect your ride's delicate paint job with a pre-cut PPF kit. Finally, add the popular smoked out look to your lights with headlight covers and tail light tints.

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Great Product!
by Brian, MI 5.00

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Fits well in my Hyundai Santa Fe. I am happy with the results. The wifes car is next!

Don't look real
by Rick Pendergras, Fort Worth, 76123 2.75

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Pain in the butt to install large portion ( area gps-radio-ac buttons, etc. Had to cut large section in 3 sections.
While still on non stick paper......should be ID.

Love it
by Steve M., Revere, MA, 5.00

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Good lookin dash kit.


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