Custom Interior Trim Kits for Your Jaguar

Dash kits give you the optimal way to enhance the look and feel of your Jaguar. As a Jaguar owner, you have certain expectations about quality and performance that are just par for the course. And although Jaguar owners are a choosy bunch with refined taste and high expectations that doesn't mean they are gullible. Despite the fact that there are a number of companies and shops willing to charge princely sums of money to customize Jaguar interiors in real leathers and hand-crafted wood dash kits, most of us just aren't willing to spend $5000 to do it.

Luckily, for those of us who aren't hedge fund kids or owners of multi-million dollar corporations there are still options to customize our Jaguar's interior trim some of the best of which are Benevento, DL Auto and Automaxus dash kits. Choose from great finishes like black or brown leather dash kits for the XF, X-Type or F-Type. Those of you who are more adventurous may want to consider a carbon fiber dash kit for your S-Type and, course, you can never go wrong with the classic look of lacquered woodgrain trim kits in your XJ. Whatever look or price point you're looking for we have it, so hurry and buy today because no good thing lasts forever.

Jaguar: A Name Synonymous with Excellence

Jaguar has long been at the height of Anglo-American luxury. As a maker of performance and luxury saloons and sedans, Jaguar is known for its sleek, feline body styles, sloping roof lines and cat-slit eyes of its headlights. And, turning our attention to its luxuriant interiors, we see that the same amount of attention is paid to the interior trim as to the exterior and performance components as well. Jaguar's interiors have always been a special blend of inner sanctum and jet fighter cockpit and the interior designers at Jaguar, such as Interior Designer of the Year for 2013 Ian Callum, have focused on bringing fresh ideas to life while expressing the warmness and joy in driving that is at the heart of the brand. Designing an interior ambience that not only functions flawlessly but that creates a sense of pomp and circumstance is part and parcel of every Jaguar cabin.

Although Jaguar has been owned by a number of different parent companies in the last decade (Ford and Tata being the most recent) it has always maintained its own unique sense of style. And yet, what that fifth element is has never been easily defined. Suffice to say that, however, that the marque has big plans for its future. According to well-informed sources and insiders at the company, a recent report suggested that the UK marque is now in the midst of a inventing an all new design language to be expressed in its entire line of vehicles. Obviously, only time will tell what we can expect but, given its history, it would not be wrong to hope for big things from Jaguar.

Custom Trim Kits

Custom wood dash kits by Benevento and DL Auto are a great DIY option that give you the high-gloss, lacquered factory look of real woodgrain for hundreds of dollars less than custom interior shops want to charge you. Each kit is made to order for you with and laser cut for accuracy of fit. Hand-poured with a protective, shiny layer of polyurethane for a smooth, beveled look these interior trim kits apply to your dashboard with very high bond automotive trim tape that is the industry standard.

Automaxus kits give you the same precision of fit without the heavy, varnished appearance of polyurethane doming. With Automaxus dash kits, you can get the European style of satin finished wood with woodgrain dash kits made to fit your XF like a glove. And, because they lack the poly doming they are priced slightly lower than Benevento or DL Auto. And, if you don't yet see a premade kit for your make, model and year Jaguar no need to fret; we offer Jaguar custom dash kits designed and manufactured to your specifications. So, don't wait to upgrade your Jaguar with carbon fiber or wood dash kits, get the best in terms of price and style when you buy from Rvinyl today.

Buy More & Save

You may not realize it but when you buy more you save on shipping. Get discounted or even free and fast shipping when you add multiple items to your order which is why there's never been a better time to add a precut Jaguar window tint kit to your to-do list. Made from ultra-premium, single-ply film and yours in variety of VLTs, you can enjoy easy ordering and simple installation. If you've been pondering headlight tints or smoked taillights you'll want to pick them up now too and, of course, protect your investment with a precut Rshield®  paint protection kit. No one else can offer you the DIY selection or prices we do so take full advantage of this opportunity and get everything you need for your Jag now.

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Pretty cool kit
by Matthew C., Saint Albans, WV 4.25

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Great product guys, I really like it!!! The carbon fiber has nice matte finish so it really looks like my XF came with it rather than I just slapped it on. I also got a wrap kit to add more accents to the interior and wrap some of the factory trim. For under a hundred bocks it was worth every penny.

Good parts
by Del M., Norfolk, Ne 4.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The dash kit was pretty easy to install in my XJ with a hair dryer. I purchased the sealer pen and it definitely helps adhere it on curved areas It looks pretty good, smooth to the touch. Its also is easier to clean than the factory vinyl surfaces. The fitment isn't always perfect and some pieces have were hard to align, but overall I am very happy with it and I think it looks awesome. No doubt, if I ever own another vehicle I will be looking to install another Rdash kit in it.

Kinda misleading
by UncleKnow , TX 3.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
These could be a lot better. Extremely thin and flimsy. Requires much patience on install.
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4.31 | 16 Reviews