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There's simply no better or easier way to add your unique style to your Kia than with custom dash kits. At Rvinyl, we have made it our job to bring you the largest selection of dash trim kits at the lowest prices anywhere so you can upgrade, refresh and restyle your Kia's interior. Whether you have an all-new Forte, Optima or Sorento or are still driving a a classic Sportage we have the trim kit you need to add new life and refresh the look of your interior. Choose from carbon fiber, chrome, wood dash kits and a host of other finishes and materials.

Kia Interior Trim Design: Advancing at a Dizzying Pace

Peter Schreyer, lead designer at Kia, explains how the design language used in the creation of Kia dash trim and interior spaces, is the result of an ongoing discourse between the seemingly disparate areas of art, architecture, music and industrial design. This receptivity on the part of the marque's head designer has resulted in a number of wins for the Kia brand and has endeared it to the newest generation of car buyers. Key to this is Kia's desire to create interior spaces in their vehicles which elicit a deep, emotional response and create a youthful excitement.

As Schreyer is at pains to point out, today's Kia is vastly different from the Kia of ten or even five years ago. From the inside out, the brand has reinvented itself and continues to do so at an almost dizzying pace. Just one a look at the materials used in the interiors of the most recently released Optima shows that Kia is serious about design and performance. Whether it is the choice of fabrics and leathers on the race-inspired seats or the finely grained wood dash trim, it is clear that attention has been paid to every last detail. Despite this, Schreyer emphasizes that these changes aren't simply aesthetic and are more than just changes for the sake of selling a "new" car. Rather, in everything Kia designs and produces there is the underlying motive of improvement and, if a door trim, handle or control surface cannot be made better its design would remain untouched.

Refined Interior Trim

In addition to wood grain accents the new model Kias sport a combination of satin silver dash trim which is accented by shiny chrome accents. And yet, ad refined and eye-pleasing as the interior spaces of today's Kia vehicles may be, it must be stated that they fail to capture the unique identity and passion of their drivers — a fate which befalls all mass produced automobiles. As a result, aftermarket dash kits and accent trim are really the best way to add a touch of personal style without compromising the aesthetic excellence that these late models embody.

Benevento dash kits are a great option to add refined style to your Kia's interior. Available in great materials and patterns like real carbon fiber, supple burl woodgrains and many others all Benevento dash kits are made using computer aided design and are laser cut for incredible accuracy of fit. The finishing touch added to every Benevento dash kit is the hand-poured polyurethane which gives every trim piece a high-gloss, beveled appearance that is the standard in luxury. Made right here in Brooklyn NY, Benevento dahs kits are American made with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Brands You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Automaxus is another great all-American company that specializes in making high-quality Kia custom dash kits in a surprising number of colors, styles and finishes. In addition to carbon fiber ad woodgrains, Kia owners will be happy to see a number of unique styles of Automaxus dash kits from camouflage to rust to red velvet dash kits. And, because Automaxus dash kits are not domed with polyurethane you can reach out and touch their one of a kind finishes adding yet another sensorial dimension to your personalized interior. Easy installation with VHB automotive trim tape means that once you put them on you don't eyed to worry about them peeling back off.

Rdash® kits are the most affordable on the market and offer you more pieces than any other dash trim on the market. In addition, they are available in over seventy different colors and patterns. Perfect for installation in rentals, show cars and leased vehicles, these semi-permanent kits are the only dash kits that can be removed without causing damage. So, don't wait, add some custom style to your dash and interior panels today.


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Pretty easy to install.
by Roberta, NORTH OLMSTED, OH 5.00

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Didn’t receive all the right pieces but the ones I did get look great. Pretty easy to install.
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Excellent trim for the telluride 2023
by Margo, 5.00

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I will recommend this product and this company. It's very well made and the customer service is amazing. They will assist you in any concerns or questions you may have.

The vinyls cut
by Andrew, NY 3.25

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The reason i gave this review is the vinyl is not covering everything especially on the doors leaving a big gap that looks so goofy now. Also, I had to do some work for one door cuz my car is occupied with more features cuz its fully loaded so i had to cuz more openings in the vinyl which took so much time
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4.55 | 25 Reviews