Mercury Custom Dash Kits

Mercury custom dash kits are a great DIY way to upgrade and restyle the look of your interior.  Mercury made beautiful vehicles with plenty of power and great interior trim but there's always room for improvement. So, whether you own a Grand Marquis dying for an ebony woodgrain dash kit, a Mountaineer in need of carbon fiber trim or a sophisticated Milan that could use some chrome trim accents we've got precut dash kits for those and more. Let us help you add a little bit more style and luxuriant texture to your Mercury's interior.

At Rvinyl, we're enthusiasts ourselves and have been inspired to share our love of DIY modifications by bringing our customers the best in Mercury dash kits year after year. But, when weighing your dash kit options there are a number of things to consider: Do you want to have real finishes (like genuine carbon fiber) or are you fine with true to life facsimiles (like Honey Burlwood wood grains)? Do you want a kit that has a factory look or are you looking for a dash kit with a pattern or color that's little more idiosyncratic? Do you own or lease your vehicle? Your answers to these questions make all the difference when it comes to choosing the right type of dash kit for you.

Mercury: Imagining a Performance Marque   

Mercury may have ended production in 2010 but that doesn't mean there aren't still dedicated enthusiasts and restylers with a deep love for the brand and all it stood for. With a history that stretches all the way to 1939, Ford launched the Mercury brand as a semi-luxury division that would design and produce vehicles that were slightly more upmarket than Ford vehicles but not at the same level as their luxury Lincoln brand. Possibly foreshadowing the division's demise a full seventy years before Ford closed shop on Mercury, it merged the marque to create the Lincoln-Mercury division in 1945. Designed to compete with GM's Buick brand and Chrysler's Plymouth division it is easy to see that the idea of a mid-market brand was simply out of the question in terms of sustainability for any of the Big Three.

An, yet, for more than half a century, Mercury designed great American automotive icons like the Cougar, the Marauder and the European marketed Merkur. Unfortunately, as the decades wore on, Ford was less willing to invest in the brand with its line-up shrinking to a handful of passenger vehicles, SUVs and minivans that were almost completely identical to existing Ford vehicles. Yet, even during this time, the marque was able to come up with a few exciting models like the 1999 Cougar and its successful Villager minivan.

DIY Dash Kits for Your Mercury

If you're the type of enthusiast that won't settle for anything but the best and would insist on a real carbon fiber dash kit for your Mercury's interior despite the fact that simulated dash kits are indistinguishable then you're the ideal customer for a Benevento custom dash kit. Benevento is a company dedicated to quality and artisanal production methods. For over thirty year, Benevento has computer designed Mercury dash kits to give buyers the ultimate experience in terms of fit and coverage. Using laser cutting technologies, they then hand-pour the protective, high-gloss polyurethane lacquer on each piece for a factory looking finish that is beyond compare. And, because quality is their number one priority, every Mercury dash kit made by Benevento is backed with VHB automotive foam trim tape. Once you've cleaned and prepared the surfaces of your dash, simply remove the red liner to apply your dash kit for a lifetime of adhesion.

Automaxus is made using the same technology and to the same standards as Benevento dash kits are but are available in a number of additional patterns and finishes. Also, because Automaxus kits are made without using poly doming techniques they are both lower profile (i.e., they don't stick out as much from your dashboard) and are less expensive to produce. But, just because they are less costly to produce doesn't mean they are cheap or won't last. Because they use the same materials and adhesives as Benevento kits, once you install a Mercury dash kit from Automaxus in your vehicle it will be there for the life of your ride and won't peel, crack or fade.

If you lease your vehicle or simply want to preserve your resale value an Rvinyl Mercury dash kit may be just what you need. Made using semi-permanent adhesives from premium materials Rvinyl dahs kits are the most affordable kits on the market and give you more pieces per kit than any other dash kit. In addition, we're happy to be able to offer the option of having a custom dash kit for your Mercury designed for you if you don't see one or want an option (like standard transmission or navigation) that is not available for one of our pre-made kits. So, don't wait, pick up a kit for your Mercury today!

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High quality product, exactly as described, fast shipping!!!
by Mohammad A., Hudson, OH, 5.00

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It's simply awesome. Installation wasn't as tough as I initially imagined. The ebony finish looks soooo real!

very happy with purchase and shipping thanks
by Chris E., Princeton, NJ, 5.00

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Product was beautiful. Like a cell phone skin for your Mercury!

got it
by Brandon W., Rochester, NY, 4.50

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Very good quality, easy to install and the color is Identical to the photos. I loved it.


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