Nissan Titan Dash Kits

Just because you drive a pickup that’s known for power and rugged durability doesn’t mean you can’t inject some personalized style into it with an interior upgrade. Whether you own an older truck that can use a refresh or want to customize your brand new vehicle, our Titan dash kits provide an economical alternative to overpaying a professional detailer. You get the unique interior look you’ve always wanted in a DIY restyling product that can be installed in less than an hour.

Customize Your Ride with a New Dash Kit

The Nissan Titan dash kits we carry offer precision-cut vinyl decals that are installed directly over factory components. With over 100 different colors and additional options of finish and special effects to choose from, you can either restore your vehicle to its original look or style the interior in a way that’s totally unique. Since our kits are non-permanent and removable, you can even customize the interior of a truck you are leasing or swap out styles whenever it suits you.

The thin yet durable vinyl dash trim accents are designed to perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle and will not fade or delaminate. It not only lends a unique look, but it actually serves to protect OEM components and preserve your vehicle’s value over time. Additional reasons to invest in our competitively priced, precut Nissan Titan kits include:

  • A range of popular finishes and custom styles to choose from
  • Detailed instructions, online videos and live installation support
  • A 3-year warranty against peeling, cracking and fading

Looking for a replacement product that’s just as durable and attractive as OEM interior accents? Our Benevento kits are manufactured by a company that specializes in providing innovative, top quality products that eliminate the need to spend thousands of dollars on professional services. Kits feature premium materials such as wood trim and genuine carbon fiber and a glossy, high end finish capable of elevating the interior of your Nissan Titan to the next level.

Order Your Titan Dash Kit Today

Since 2003, Rvinyl has been dedicated to helping do-it-yourself restyling enthusiasts economically and effectively upgrade their vehicles. Our kits offer nearly endless options in automotive personalization, are easy to order and ship within one or two business days. We’ve earned over 100,000 positive eBay feedback comments and encourage all of our customers to leave an online review of our products and services.

Are you ready to get the custom interior look you’ve always wanted for your Nissan Titan? Order your DIY dash kit from Rvinyl today. 

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That's a wrap!
by Dominick G., Hazleton, PA 4.50

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Great service, fast shipping! Wrapping your center console the way I did in my 350Z is not for the faint of heart. I used the white wrap, it has a great gloss to it making it look just like fiberglass. It took a few hours and a few tries to get it to this level, but I think the photos speak for themselves.
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Item 29
by Kristy Eaddy, Oklahoma 5.00

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I wanted the double deck print I I received the regular package.
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Trying to do the rebate. Thanks
by Kanaan H, COLUMBUS, OH 5.00

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Hello this is the last email. Could only upload 1 image at a time so there are probably 7-9 emails each with one pic. Trying to do the rebate. Thanks

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4.67 | 6 Reviews