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Plymouth custom dash kits are the smart choice when you're looking to upgrade the interior of your Grand Voyager or Prowler you don't want to trust the job to just anyone. Benevento is a dash kit designer and manufacturer with more than thirty years of experience in the industry. As a former OEM supplier to GM and BMW, they know how to design OEM style interior trim for both European luxury marques and the entire line-up of the world's second largest vehicle maker.

Plymouth: The End of an Era

Plymouth Motors was an American icon for over seventy years responsible for such automotive works of art as the Plymouth Barracuda and the limited production Plymouth Prowler. First founded in 1928 as a low-cost, economy brand Plymouth eventually went on to produce some of the most well-known and distinctive cruisers and passenger cars of the 20th Century. Despite this, decisions made by Chrysler as early as the 1960s would eventually determine the fate of the marque. It was at this time that Chrysler executives decided to place more emphasis on the Dodge brand, reducing the price gap between it and Plymouth which resulted in increased sales of the former while handicapping the latter. The result was that by the 1990s, all Plymouth vehicles except the Prowler were simply rebadged Dodge vehicles.

Sadly, although Plymouth made great cars for over a half a century lack of support by Chrysler and a much harsher economic landscape forced it to cease operations in 2001. Like so many other great American automotive marques that left us forever at the turn of the century (just think of the demise of Mercury, Pontiac and Oldsmobile) there will always be those who love and support the brand. There is even talk of a return of the Plymouth Barracuda which would be rebadged under the Dodge name so there is yet hope. But, for those you looking to restore, upgrade or update your Plymouth interiors you've come to the right place

Choosing the Right Trim Kit for Your Plymouth

Using advanced CAD technology to measure and precisely design their Plymouth dash kits and powerful laser cutting techniques, Benevento produces a quality product unlike any other right here in the USA. And, because custom dash kits must be made by skilled craftsmen to ensure their exacting standards are met, each and every piece of the kit is hand-poured with a protective, high-gloss polyurethane finish. All Benevento dash kits come to your door expertly packaged to prevent damage and with a VHB foam tape backing that ensures a lifetime of adhesion when applied correctly.

Automaxus is another American company that makes quality Plymouth dash kits using both computer aided design and laser cutting technology. Although Automaxus kits are made from the same materials as Benevento trim kits they do not have a polyurethane coating which means they are able to be offered at lower prices. The absence of doming means not only better prices but a lower profile on your dash and the ability to get satin or matte finishes in woodgrains and other films that are not possible with poly kits. Want a red velvet dash kit? Only Automaxus can deliver!

Rvinyl offers both the best prices and the tightest fit of any dash kit manufacturer on the market. Made in Brooklyn NY and with more pieces per kit than any other company can offer, you know you're getting a deal you just can't refuse with Rdash® Plymouth dash kits. And, because Rvinyl kits are eligible for our instant photo rebate program, simply send us your installed photos of the dash kit ad you can get up to a twenty dollar refund.

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by Kirk C., Melville, LA, 4.00

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This dash kit looks amazing in my Plymouth, it turned out a little fiddle to put on my Breeze, but with some time, some patience and using the alcohol wipes and primers it went on and look great.


4.00 | 1 Reviews