Custom Porsche Dash Kits

A custom Porsche dash kit is the quickest way to upgrade your interior in no time at all and at a minimum of expense. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have so-called professionals install dash trim kits when you can take a DIY approach with our premium quality dash kits? Add real carbon fiber to the interior of your 911, Macan or Boxster or upgrade your Cayman's trim to high-gloss woodgrain with our precut dash kits. Want to add chrome accents to your Cayenne or Carrera? Browse our full selection of chrome dash kits and you'll see just how much we have to offer. The sky's the limit when it comes to affordable customization with our Porsche dash kits so treat yourself to a restyled interior today.

The Porsche Principle

Porsche has come to be known worldwide as a designer and manufacturer of luxury and performance cars and SUVs. Part of the secret of their success has been a singleness of vision which was articulated succinctly by the marque's founder Ferry Porsche when he said "In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I'd been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself." In a world where so many other car manufacturers are struggling to define their mission and goal, Porsche has always been able to communicate its vision of creating the best sports cars that money can buy.

Porsche's design philosophy is referred to by its design team itself as "Intelligent Performance" and seeks to communicate its goal of harmonizing its design concepts by ordering form to function. In other words, everything that Porsche builds must first perform and prove itself in testing, in the wind tunnel and, of course, on the road. The fact that Porsche is so clear about its goal of building the best sports cars on the road everything else about its design language finds a place in pursuit of the finish line. But just because Porsche is a sports car company doesn't mean that it's not suited to daily use. Today's Porsches are able to straddle the worlds of performance driving and daily commuting because of their incredible high-quality and durability.

Refined Porsche Interiors

Just one look at the interior trim of a Porsche and you know that you're dealing with a company that takes refinement and aesthetics seriously. Whether it is the hand stitched leather or the premium materials from which everything from the gear shift knob is made, everything about tithe interior of a Porsche oozes luxury and a sense of exclusivity. When you step into a Porsche you are stepping back in time and into a level of refinement few people experience. Because Porsche uses skilled artisans in the production of their interiors you know that every surface you touch and lay eyes upon has been hand cut, sewed, painted, polished and adjusted not by a robot programmed by a computer but by a human artist who relied on emotion, intuition and passion to create the magnum opus that is a Porsche's cabin.

At Rvinyl we understand how important it is to impart the same sense of refined style when we source dash kits meant to upgrade and customize Porsche interiors. For this reason we offer only the best of artisanally designed and hand crafted Porsche dash kits so that any kit you buy will blend seamlessly into your interior. And, because all of the dash kits we sell are made right here in the USA you can feel good knowing that your purchase supports American workers with a love of the craft and a passion for cars.

Premium Porsche Dash Kits

Benevento is an all-American company with over three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing Porsche dash kits. Originally all Benevento dash kits were hand cut from real wood veneer and stained to match the factory trim but, as time went on and technology improved, these designs were converted into digital formats and lasers were used to cut the designs. These advances dramatically lowered the cost of wood dash kits and made them affordable for all Porsche enthusiasts. Today of the process is still guided and finished by skilled artisans who hand pour the polyurethane resin on the woodgrain and real carbon fiber dash kits in order to give them a high-gloss sheen and a level of protection against the elements. And, because Benevento uses only the highest quality VHB foam trim tape, once these dash kits have been correctly installed they will not come off for the life of your Porsche.

In addition to Benevento dash kits we are also excited to offer DL Auto, Automaxus and Rdash dash trim kits for your Porsche. Each of these brands offers you something slightly different in terms of price, style and coverage so we encourage you to browse our full selection to see what best fits your budget and needs. If you want a kit that has the most pieces for the least cost then an Rdash Porsche dash kit is right up your alley. If you want the refined look of satin wood dash kit without the heavily lacquered look of polyurethane, then you 'll want to choose an Automaxus dash kit. But, remember, whatever you choose is eligible for our instant cash back rebate when you send us photos or video of your installed dash kits. Frankly, if you're looking to customize the interior of your Porsche you've come to the right place so don't hesitate, add some personal style today.

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Great Alternative
by Jean p., Acworth, GA 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Chose this over replacing the trim pieces or doing a full wrap on the Panamera's black piano trim pieces that were scratched and had swirl marks. For the most part, installation was straight forward. Prepping the area being key. Had to use a heat gun in areas that vinyl need to mold to the contours. If you take your time, you will be satisfied with the outcome
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Looks like real carbon
by Kyle F., Reynoldsville, PA 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Very fast shipping for something custom made, good customer service and awesome product!!!:) keep it up!:) Love the look of 4D carbon in my 911. Looks real.

Perfect kit to cover up scratched and swirl marks in Porsche Panamera
by Jean P, ACWORTH, GA 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Fit of pre-cut pieces was exactly what I needed to cover the scratched and swirl marked black piano interior trim pieces. These pieces fit exactly and for the most part look as if factory carbon trim pieces. Great alternative to full-wrap option or replacing trim pieces in this vehicle. Perfect kit to cover up scratched and swirl marks in Porsche Panamera black piano interior. This kit fit perfectly without having to remove trim pieces. For the exception of the cup holder lids, very difficult to tell that this is a vinyl wrap.
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4.90 | 5 Reviews