Selecting the right Volvo dash kit for you

Volvo custom dash kits  are available in a variety of different finishes, styles and materials and are made by a number of different companies. Whether you're driving an XC70, C70, S40 or V90 you want the right combination of style and affordability. In the past, it wasn't hard to choose the right custom dash kit for your Volvo because there weren't too many options but now that there are so may to choose from it's important that you identify what is important to you. Are you a someone who will spare no expense for an OEM quality real carbon fiber dash kit? Or are you the kind of enthusiast who wants that elusive mix of quality and original style? Finally, and most importantly, have you given thought to how your choice of interior trim will impact upon the resale value of the car?

All of these considerations are crucial when selecting the right Volvo custom dash kit for you but aren't the only things to keep in mind. When you're thinking about upgrading or restyling your Volvo's interior it's a good idea to know a little bit about the design philosophy that goes into making the brand's vehicles as well. So, before we take a closer look at the difference in the custom dash kits we carry lets take a moment to get to know Volvo a little better.

The art of craft

Volvo used to market itself on the merits of its incredible safety ratings and did quite well doing so, especially in the days when Saab ruled the Swedish luxury roost. But, with Saab on an indefinite hiatus, Volvo has been able to step up and fill the luxury vacuum and it is producing stunning interiors and works of automotive artistry left and right. Volvo's secret: it's a design philosophy that they call the "art of craft." What does that mean? Simply that Volvo crafts its interiors to be both refined and relaxing. They achieve this not only through classic lines and contours but through a choice of natural and genuine materials. In fact, their commitment to artisanal values can be seen in everything from hand-stitched leather to the hand-carved, real wood buttons in the dashboard.

Volvo is nothing if not a Scandinavian car company and they take pride in it. In fact, when describing the interior f the XC90 they refer to it as "bright and cozy, like a Swedish living room." At base, Volvo considers its entire design philosophy to be a product of Swedish culture which prizes the use of natural materials  and expert craftsmanship.

Artisanal custom dash kits

Benevento is the one dash kit company that best embodies the values and philosophy of Volvo. Founded over thirty years ago, Benevento first began hand-crafting real wood dash kits and custom staining them for a factory match before anyone else had ever considered doing it. Although they no longer hand cut the dash kits, Benevento now uses the latest in CAD technology and laser cutting to deliver the ultimate in precision and fit but still hand pours each piece with high-quality, polyurethane resin for that high-gloss factory finish. And, because these kits are made to last a lifetime, they all come with VHB foam tape so they won't peel off.

Interior Style and affordability

When style and affordability are your main goals Automaxus and Rvinyl dash kits are your best options. If ease of installation is your prime goal then Automaxus custom dash kits are the sure choice. Made from quality laminates with VHB trim adhesive, these kits will last the life of your vehicle and are available in over 70 different colors. Rdash kits are the ideal alternative for the price conscious buyer with a leased vehicle or who wants to preserve the resale value of their Volvo. Made from premium quality laminates these custom dash covers feature a semi-permanent adhesive which means they can be removed without causing damage.

Regardless of which Volvo dash kit you choose you know you're getting the best selection and prices anywhere. And, because all custom dash kits are eligible for our cash back rebate program, just send in your installed photos and get up to $20 back. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and order today!

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by Michael W., Florham Park, NJ 4.75

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Quick shipping and great product

Burled Walnut applique
by Ernest, Florida 4.25

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It's OK. As we all know, orders
InvolvIng color don't necessarily accurately reflect actual color on the internet. There is no problem with your product - Other than the existing trim on the car is significantly different. Time will tell if I can live with the difference.

by Bob Westphal, Vancouver, Washington 5.00

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The dash board in my '08 Volvo C70 didn't have enough pizzazz. I was looking for easier to see gauge faces when I came across Rvinyl's great products. I ordered and installed the teak wood kit. The teak design brought the dash to life! The method of of shipping the parts on sticky pallets is great. The instructions are easy to understand. The alcohol wipes suck as they are too small and dry quickly. Thankfully, the instructions give an alternative cleaner. The adhesive promoter dried out almost immediately. I found the parts sick quite well without the promoter. I'm very pleased with the final result except for a gap on the consul where the curve of the parts don't quite match. See the picture.


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