Door Cup Protection Kits

What's worse than the feeling and the sound that you hear when you scratch your car door with your keys or rings on the area under your door handle? Whether you're in a rush trying to get the door open and the key in the lock or you've got bags of groceries in your hands, it's when you're otherwise occupied that you're most likely to scratch the car door cup area, typically with either your keys, rings or fingernails. Protecting your door cups is fast and simple with our Door Cup Paint Protection, made from the same great brands as our other PPF kits. Our brands of protection film keep your door cups looking like new, without changing the appearance. Simple how-to instructions are provided and will have you protecting your vehicles door cup from scratching. Get a head start by watching the installation video towards the bottom of this page.

Door Cup Paint Protection Kits

What Do These Kits Protect Against?

  • Rock Hits
  • Bug Hits
  • Hail
  • Ice
  • Acid Rain
  • Chemical
  • UV Rays

Choose from Four Great Brands of Door Cup Protector Film

We want you to have your pick of the best in PPF kits to protect your truck's Bed Rails which is why we bring you the best of the best in paint protection. Choose from these four brands:

  •  Avery Dennison™ SPF-XI Door Cups
  • 3M™ Scotchgard™ Pro Series Film Door Cup Protection
  • HEXIS Body Fence Door Handle Guards
  • ORAGUARD Stone Guard Film Door Cup Guard

How Long Will Door Cup PPF Kits Last?

Avery SPF-XI and 3M Pro Series Door Protection kits are rated to last up to 10 years whereas you can count on ORAGUARD and HEXIS to last for at least seven years.

Are Door Cup Protection Kits Wraps Easy to Install?

Naturally, ease of installation depends on how experienced you are installing PPF but these are some of the most straightforward protection kits to install given the thin application area. Perhaps the only thing you need to watch out for during application is to apply the film evenly over the concave area under your handle.

How to Install Precut Door Cup PPF