Ford Tempo Pillar Post Trim

Upgrade Your Ford Tempo with Pillar Trim

These model specific trim kits provide more than just aesthetics; they offer a practical solution to protect the pillar posts from wear and tear, specifically designed for the make and model of Ford Tempo. By choosing a model specific kit, you ensure a perfect alignment, a sleek appearance, and a finish that seems like a factory addition. The tailored design of these trim kits also makes the installation process easier, as they are created to align perfectly with the contours and dimensions of your specific vehicle model. By selecting from renowned brands like Rtrim, 3M, Rwraps, and Avery Dennison, you can find the perfect match for your vehicle's make and model, including Ford Tempo. By focusing on model specific solutions, these wraps guarantee that the appearance is consistent and harmonized with the original design features of the vehicle. Rwraps provide an array of designs that can cater to various tastes and preferences, making them a great choice for those looking for something uniquely fitting for their Ford Tempo. They offer a simple yet transformative way to customize your vehicle, aligning with the original aesthetics and design.

An Almost Limitless Selection

Rtrim's signature glossy finish can provide a sleek and polished look that accentuates the contours of your vehicle, especially if it's a Ford Tempo. Carbon fiber finishes are another popular choice, offering a sporty look that can transform the visual appeal of your Ford Tempo. Rtrim also offers custom color matching, ensuring that the pillar trim aligns perfectly with your vehicle's existing color scheme. Each color and finish is rigorously tested for wear and tear, ensuring that they can withstand the challenges of daily driving. These Precut Pillar Trim Kits are not just about aesthetics; they also provide protection against scratches, chips, and weather-related wear and tear. The choice of color and finish can significantly influence the overall appearance of the vehicle, reflecting not just a personal style but also the character of the vehicle. Rtrim’s continuous investment in research and development ensures that they stay ahead of the curve, offering innovative and trend-setting colors and finishes.

Hassle-Free Installation with High-Quality Results

For wrap types, measure the area of the pillar you are covering, and cut the vinyl slightly larger than the pillar size to ensure full coverage. For wrap types, use the sharp knife to trim any excess vinyl carefully, ensuring a perfect fit around the pillar. Even if it's a DIY project, taking the time to carefully prepare and install the vinyl can result in a professional-looking finish. If the vinyl is designed for a Ford Tempo, it will often align naturally with the specific features of the pillars. With proper preparation, installation, and care, vinyl pillar trim can be a rewarding enhancement to your vehicle, reflecting personal style and taste. While the process can be done at home, seeking professional assistance is also an option, especially if your vehicle is a more complex model like Ford Tempo. The choice between precut and wrap can depend on your confidence in cutting and shaping the vinyl, with precut often being a more accessible option for specific vehicles like Ford Tempo.

Upgrade Your Ford Tempo Today

Whether you own a Ford Tempo or another make and model, we have options to suit every taste and requirement. Limited stock is available, so don't hesitate to place your order before the item you've set your heart on is gone. Investing in your vehicle's appearance today means enjoying a fresh and attractive look every time you hit the road with your Ford Tempo. Why wait for tomorrow when you can transform your car today? Our fast shipping ensures that you'll have your product in no time. From easy installation to long-lasting results, our products are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With our secure payment options, shopping has never been easier or more convenient, even if you're purchasing for a specific model like Ford Tempo. Get started now, and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of a vehicle that not only looks fantastic but feels fantastic to drive, especially if it's a Ford Tempo.

Ford Tempo Pillar Post Trim

The Ford Tempo is a compact car that was produced by Ford from 1984 to 1994. It was a scaled down successor to the Ford Fairmont. The Tempo was part of a revitalization strategy by Ford to offer consumers a modern styled, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly vehicle to compete with Japanese and European competitors. Give your ride a custom enhancement with an assortment of different colors and patterns for you to choose from to customize your Tempo's pillar posts or revamp its scuffed, faded or damaged pillars. If you can't find a set of precut pillar post trims your your exact model, have no fear as we offer both 3M™ and Rwraps™ Pillar Post Wraps which will supply you with the best in performance and style.

Tempo Rtrim ™ Pillar Trim Kit

Rtrim ™ Tempo Pillar Trim packages are model specific for your vehicle. Choose from many different versions including Carbon Fiber, Matte Red, Brushed Aluminum and many more. We also have unique designs such as Engine Turn, Sticker Bomb and Camouflage patterns for you country people. Great for including a touch of outside styling to your pillars and created by a business with over 15 years in the market, you can be certain of getting the perfect fit. And, because these appliques integrate air-channel, pressure-sensitive adhesives, installation is easy and fast. Another neat feature of Rtrim ™ Pillar Post Decals is that they are semi-permanent so regardless of whether you need to sell your vehicle or simply alter its physical appearance, you can accomplish it without having to worry about causing damage.

Pillar Post Wrap

If you can't find a vehicle specific option for your ride or you only want to do something a little more custom, take a look at our wide array of 3M™ and Rwraps™ Pillar Wraps. With well over two hundred colors and finishes to select from, there's certain to be something for anyone. Composed of the very same components as our Rtrim™ Ford Tempo Precut Pillar Post Trim but uncut sheets, you'll love the performance and value of these long-lasting, high-style products.

Installing Your Tempo Pillar Trim in 5 Steps

Applying your precut Rtrim™ Tempo kit is a breeze. In as few as five steps you can completely change the look of your ride. All you need is a heat gun, squeegee or application card, rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth to get started. Next, follow these five steps:

  1. Clean
  2. Dry
  3. Align
  4. Apply
  5. Heat

Once you've applied your kit, be sure to review it and send in your pics for our Cash Back Rebate program. Plus, when you review your trim you can get an additional ten dollars off any other purchase on our site.

The Anatomy of Your Tempo's Pillar Posts

The schematic above shows you exactly where your pillars are and the areas where pillar trim is most often installed. Just in case you're still unsure we've spelled it out a little more clearly:

Your car's roof support posts on both sides of a vehicle's windshield are known as A pillar posts. On a typical sedan, other pillar posts are situated between your back and front doors (B pillar) and on both sides of the rear window (C pillar). In SUVs, Minivans and Wagons with extended cargo areas, the C Pillar is the vertical structure behind the back door while the vertical supports at the rear of the car are referred to as D pillars. B-pillars are important structural aspects that can also be customized to give a personal touch to your ride.

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