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The Chevrolet Colorado is a mid-sized truck that offers as much power and utility as its big brother the Silverado but in a smaller package. Originally launched in 2004, the Colorado enjoyed an eight year run before GM unexpectedly pulled the plug in 2012. Luckily for truck lovers everywhere, and Chevy Colorado enthusiasts in particular, the pickup was reintroduced in 2015 and was meaner, leaner and more aggressive than ever. So, whether you have a first generation or the newest version in your drive way be sure to pick up a pair of precut Rtint® headlight tint or protection covers today.

Smoke Out & Protect Your Colorado

If you've ever had the misfortune to have broken or cracked your factory headlights you'll know that replacing them can run into the hundreds of dollars. Why take the chance when you can get the look you want and easy to install protection? Rtint® headlight covers are available in 14 different colors and shades including Clear protection and Midnight Static Cling. In addition to the selection of colors you can also choose between 2 mil tint and 6 mil protection which will defend your lenses from rock hits and even the errant shopping cart.

DIY Convenience

If you're worried about installation, you shouldn't be. All of our tint kits are meant for the do-it-yourself installer and are designed to fit your Colorado's headlight lenses. In addition, we ship them to you with a single-page instructional guide detailing every step of the process from preparation and cleaning to installation and trouble-shooting through to aftercare. We really have covered it all so you're never left scratching your head and, just in case you'd like to see it done too, we've got a number of video tutorials for you to check out. As soon as you've successfully installed your overlays don't forget to send in your pics and review to get our $20 Cash Back rebate refund!

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Good stuff
by Drew, 4.25

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I like the headlight tint but it’s a little darker than I expected, had to get lights to compensate. But otherwise if I had someone good install it they’d probably look better. Altogether a good product.

by Stephen, Alabama 5.00

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I was very surprised at how easy it was to apply the tint to my tail lights. Although it did come with creases in it where it was rolled but then flattened it was simple when the instructions are followed. I’ve had to remove it due to being able to see the creases but would still recommend to anyone that the product is well worth getting.

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Nice quality product and easier to install than I originally thought
by Jeffrey H, Powell TN 5.00

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<p>I wanted a smoke tint however I didn't want to spend $400-600 for new custom headlamp assemblies (or take the front end of my truck completely apart to install them). I went with the Rtint precut smoked film covers instead. Nice quality product and easier to install than I originally thought. The installation video on YouTube helped substantially since I had never tried this type of product install before. No problems whatsoever and results look great! I've already had several compliments regarding the change in overall appearance of my truck. Make: Chevy Model: Colorado Year: 2016</p>
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4.75 | 3 Reviews