Precut Honda Civic Headlight Tints

Honda is dedicated to producing vehicles that are at the pinnacle of performance and quality but they have also re-committed themselves to taking the lead in automotive styling as well. At Rvinyl, we've taken a cues from Honda's iconic Civic and you can rest assured that our designers have spared no expense in designing custom headlight covers for your Civic. With more over two decades of combined experience in design and manufacturing, every kit we produce is the perfect blend of art and science and you can be sure that you'll get a product that's both simple to install and delivers professional results.

The Rtint® Advantage

What do you get when you buy an Rtint® headlight cover for your Honda Civic? Not only do you get a pair of precut headlight tints designed to conform to the curves and contours of your Civics' headlamps like a glove but you get an astounding choice of color and style options as well. Choose from over fourteen different shades and colors to get the exact look you want. We offer something to suit every taste and complement every style so browse our selection and we know you'll find just what you were looking for.

If you're worried about installation don't be. Our kits are meant for DIY and we include a single-page instructional guide with every kit that outlines every step of the process. Frm preparation and cleaning to installation, trouble-shooting through to aftercare we've detailed everything so you're never left scratching your head. And, just in case you'd like to see it done too, we've got a number of video tutorials for you to check out. And, once you've successfully installed your overlays don't forget to send in your pics and review to get our $20 Cash Back rebate refund!

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Nice film/color purple
by I Am, 5.00

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Looks smoked in day, and still red barely dimmed at night

by Storm_Civic, Houston, TX 4.00

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The installation seemed easy at first, and I did watch videos online and read tips and the instructions but it didnt work for one of the taillights because when I was trying to heat shrink it getting it all lined up it tore and ripped, which made me frustrated and couldnt keep the other taillight that i had already installed. Ended up discarding the taillight tint, but the headlight was a breeze. Got it installed in less than 10 min. The curvy taillight of my Civic made it difficult to install because the tint wasn’t quite forming along and was stubborn to stay in position during installation. I would recommend this product to my friends, but professional installation would have made this product the best. I love DIYs; this was my first time installing tint and it takes patience to truly achieve a wonderful results.
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by Eddie, CA 5.00

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Nice cut..


4.83 | 10 Reviews