About Lincoln Zephyr Headlight Tint

Lincoln Zephyr pre-cut headlight tint is the perfect choice for the DIY enthusiast. Specifically designed to fit your Lincoln Zephyr, you can take advantage of both the savings and the simplified installation process that these headlight covers provide. Upgrade the look of your headlights today and smoke out your headlights with a precut Rtint kit today.

Once you’ve decided on the color or shade of your Lincoln Zephyr headlight cover you want to ensure that you have all the right tools for the job. At Rvinyl we want to be your car customization outlet which is why we offer the most complete selection of tools and fluids for tint preparation and installation anywhere. Whether you’re looking for professional application fluids like Rapid Prep or Rapid Tac, squeegees with friction sleeves or Lil Chizlers, we’ve got what you need to get the job done.

In addition to our self-adhesive kits we also offer static cling film as an option for all of our pre cut kits. Our midnight static cling film is a great option for those looking to get a near-blackout look but are worried about attracting any unwanted. Because Lincoln Zephyr headlight tints have no adhesive they can be removed and reapplied without causing damage to the covers which means they may be used over and over again

We owe all of our success to our customers which is why we love to showcase their successful installations on our site and in our promotional materials. Nothing is better proof of the quality and performance of our products than seeing other customers’ vehicles tricked out with Rvinyl tints and accessories which is why we offer our photo rebate program.

Lincoln Zephyr Accessories

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Its Complicated
by Jay L, Minneapolis MN 4.00

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The buying process and shipping and all that was great, fast, easy. Product showed up and i was very excited. i closely followed directions as i wanted it to be perfect (i drive a luxury sedan, need to look perfect) and i finished and i was thrilled, it looked great. Until...

About 4 hours later i went out to my car to run errands and i looked at them and they had somehow deformed or not set properly because there was massive wrinkles and wridges in them. I tried again to squeegee them out but it only made it worse... i had no choice but to take them off and take the $40 loss. Not sure what went wrong.


4.00 | 1 Reviews