About 2023 MINI Cooper Paint Protection Kits

2023 MINI Cooper protection films are sold in rolls of variable sizes so you can be sure that you've never bought too much or too little for the job. This 4mil, high-quality PPF by Rshield is guaranteed not to yellow, peel, crack or fade for 3 years and protects your ride from the ravages of the road and the harsh UV rays that lead to fading. As an added bonus, this film is OEM approved by virtually all car manufacturers and even comes pre-installed on some luxury vehicles!

Protection wraps are a great alternative to precut kits and allow you to protect delicate areas of your vehicle not generally covered by them. Make the smart choice and protect your investment with PPF wraps from Rshield today! Whether you want to shield your vehicle's door sills, rear bumper, trunk area or handles wrapping them in a clear bra protective layer is the optimal choice.

So what's included in my kit? It does vary from product to produce, but most hood kits include the hood, fenders (top / front portion) and mirrors. The kits come precut with slits or darts to help conform the film to the shape of your vehicle. Bumper kits are designed to protect your front bumper and generally include the entire fascia with cut-outs for things like air dams, grilles and fog lights. Wraps are a universal trim-to-fit product to precut just about everywhere else. The newest addition to the arsenal is the 3M Paint Protection Defender System which is an aerosol solution that lasts up to one year! Protecting your baby from road rash has never been easier from films to sprays, we got you covered.

Simply put it is a thermoplastic urethane film that is designed to be heat conformed to the contours of your vehicle's painted body parts. Originally designed by the racing industry to protect their multi-million dollar investments, today these kits are used on daily drivers alike. Optically clear, modern clear bra kits do not have the "orange-peel" effect once found on first generation products. What's orange-peel you ask? Early generation products when initially applied, would be clear but from side angles would appear to have the texture of an orange. Today's second generation urethane films, apply clear and are nearly invisible.

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