Mitsubishi Eclipse Precut Window Tint

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a legendary ride, especially if you're old enough to remember the 1990s. Not only was its styling decades ahead of its time but it was truly a joy to drive. Make your commute or cruise even more enjoyable by adding the style and comfort of a precut Rtint window tint kit and choose from 5, 20, 35 and 50% VLT.

Why Use Rtint® to Tint Your Eclipse?

We know you have an almost unlimited number of choices when it comes to buying precut tints for your WRX so we'll make it easy for your to choose Rtint®. Here are the top three reasons you should buy from us:

  1. Order-by-picture interface
  2. Buy full or complete kits — don't buy more than you need!
  3. Every Rtint® window tint kit is made right here in the USA
  4. Send in photos for $20 Cash Back!

$20 Cash Back

That's right, we offer $20 Cash Back for your pics and reviews. You might've noticed that we have a lot of installed examples and videos that showcase different Mitsubishi models with Rtint® window tints installed in them. Ever wonder why we have so many when other sites have none? It's simple — we pay you for your photos. Just buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse tint kit, install it and then take 5 or 6 great pics. Use our upload page or email us your pics and a brief review and soon enough we'll issue your $20 Cash Back refund and you'll be featured on our site and YouTube channel.

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Really good, works like a charm
by Stephen, 4.00

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I love the fluid, made taking off the tint much easier than when I tried to pull it off by hand. It helps to use a heat gun.

Nice product
by Matt H, Lima,OH 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
A nice change and look to mods on vehicle interior


4.50 | 2 Reviews