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    Install car, truck or SUV tint kits in a jiffy using the Conqueror 3-in-1 squeegee. Whether you are installing precut or by the roll, this squeegee makes tinting your windows faster with less air bubbles. This economical tool is favored by professional installers and DIY tinters alike. Reduce the chance of damaging your car, truck or SUV precut tint kits with this multi-faceted tool with a hard and soft rubber edge that removes application fluid with less scratches.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Conqueror


    • Universal Conqueror squeegee is a window tinter's best-friend
    • The Conqueror is three tools in one: a scraper, a squeegee and a gasket separator
    • Used by professionals the world over
    • Made from high quality plastics will last for a lifetime
    • This Universal Conqueror squeegee helps to smooth out film and remove application fluid during installation

    This Universal Conqueror squeegee is perjhaps the world's most famous window tinting tool. The Conqueror is a three in one squeegee that aides in installation of precut and window tint film rolls so whether you're a pro or a beginner, you can count on the quality and performance of this product. The squeegee has a rubber edge designed to both remove application fluid and help you clean the glass prior to application. It also has a beveled edge, hard surface for applying the window tint film and removing fluid trapped between the glass and a hard surface. Finally its 4-pointed edge is designed to push film into gaskets and get into tight corners.

    When it comes to installing tint on your Universal  the Conqueror squeegee is a tool you simply can't do without--in fact, it is probably our most popular and highly-recommended tool among the dozens of application fluids and aides we offer but it takes more than tools to get the job done right. For this reason we offer some of the most detailed written and video instructions and guides available anywhere. Simply click on the pop-up instructional links on any product and you'll see what we mean. And, for those times when only a real human will do, you can always get in contact with our knowledgeable customer care team available seven days a week on the phone, email and chat.

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