The Chizzler Graphic Application and Removal Tool
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Lidco Flexi-Edge Combo Window Film Squeegee
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Red Devil Tinting Squeegee
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Rvinyl Application Card
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Conqueror Squeegee
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Gasket Tint Tool
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Getting that Smooth Finish

You have finally arrived to this moment where you are in the process of installing your window tint onto your vehicle's windows. You had always wanted to lessen the amount of sunlight entering your vehicles and wanting to reduce your interior temperature without having to constantly rely on the AC or open windows. Or maybe maybe you're tired of the current look of your windows and want more privacy to keep prying eyes out while you're on the road or parked in an area you don't feel particularly comfortable in, and want to mitigate break-ins. These are all valid reasons to install Window Tint. It also comes with the territory of the DIY hobby. When you're working with precut Window Tint or even just sheets of Window Tint film, getting a bubble free, sleek look on this material is the most important factor between getting perfect results or sloppy results.

The whole reason you went with film is to avoid the hassle and expensive cost of having your windows professionally tinted. So, you will have to take precaution when getting involved with Window Tint material. From the standard to Avery Dennisons, each tint's material have specific tolerances. Some tint are more durable than others, some need a bit more pressure, and messing up a cut, creasing or having air bubbles show up after you install it is the last thing you want to deal with. Your choice in squeegee will make or break your Window Tint installation. Naturally, quality and reliability are extremely important criteria for getting professional level results, so be sure to choose the right kind of squeegee that will best suit the tint you are using.

Now, as stated before, there's a variety of different types of Window Tints we out there that have different types of properties. We have our standard Window Tint kits, along with Avery Dennison NR Pro, HP Pro, and Nano Ceramic IR Window Tint Kits. So say you've installed one of the Avery tints, these tints are amazing and are as flawless in appearance as sprayed on tint when installed properly with care. It's installed so good that you might have trouble getting it off. Say you use your nail to try getting ahold of the film to align it better, near the edges. Good idea, but once you tug on it in the opposite direction you notice that you stretched it and creased it, so you panic and try placing it back to its original position, and try to flatten it smooth, but the damage is done. That section has been ruined. You'll have to remove it all and try again with new tint. it. Great, more work and a waste of money, you don't want to deal with that type of nonsense do you? I sure wouldn't. 

Great care should to be taken when you want to remove your tint and the same applies when you apply it, don't just yank it or use a random tool and hope luck is on your side. When you're handling Window Tint, as durable as they can be, they are also very fragile when mishandled. With that said, here are some products we offer to get your film applied and removed with ease, let's take a look!

  • Lidco® Chizzler
  • Lidco® Flexi-Edge Combo Squeegee
  • Red Devil™ Trim Squeegee
  • Rvinyl™ Application Card
  • Rvinyl™ Conqueror Squeegee
  • Rvinyl™ Gasket Push Stick

Familiarize Yourself With Squeegees

The first product on our list is the Lidco® Chizzler. This is a small red removal/application tool. While it can help remove creases and bubbles of tint, it can also provide you with a starting point to remove your installed tint from your window. The Flexi-Edge Combo is a 4 inch wide, double edged squeegee originally designed for window film applications. Millions sold have proven it effective for a variety of materials: polyester film, vapor-coated material, vinyl, tape, adhesives, and most psa needs. The comfortable profile allows easy use of each edge, the flexibility allows for maximum conformity. Use the rigid edge for heavy applications, the thin rubber-based edge for thin films, protecting against tearing and scratching. Featuring low memory and low glide this squeegee in incredibly useful on other materials, not just Window Tint. If you're looking for a cheap, basic option we also offer our Rvinyl™ Application Card to get you going for smaller projects.

Applicable to car, truck, or SUV tinting kits using the Red Devil 3-in-1 squeegee with 4-point tip styling feature. The Red Devil squeegee has a unique four-in-one design for a variety of uses and it's 9.5-inch length is perfect for one-handed use. This squeegee makes tinting your windows easier with less air bubbles adored by professional installers and home DIY people alike. Reduce the chance of damaging your car, truck, or SUV kits with this multi-faceted tool that has both a hard surface and multi-holding options that help remove application-slip fluid and helps reduce scratching film. In addition to these tasks you can also use its flat edge as a ruler for on-the-fly trimming. 

The Rvinyl™ Conqueror Squeegee is perhaps the world's most famous window tinting tool. This Conqueror is a three in one squeegee that aides in installation of precut and window tint film rolls so whether you're a pro or a beginner, you can count on the quality and performance of this product. The squeegee has a rubber edge designed to both remove application fluid and help you clean the glass prior to application. It also has a beveled edge, hard surface for applying the window tint film and removing fluid trapped between the glass and a hard surface. Finally its 4-pointed edge is designed to push the film into gaskets and get into tight corners. Reduce the chance of damaging your car, truck, or SUV precut tint kits with this multi-faceted tool with a hard and soft rubber edge that removes application fluid with less scratches.

A Simple Smoothing Process

At the end of the day, you want the best products for getting your Window Tint applied smoothly. It makes no sense to waste your time trying to smooth out your tint or adjust it with crude methods and risk damaging it. With one of our squeegees, you will achieve professional results quickly and easily that will leave your installed Window Tint smooth, crease free and bubble free. And with our high quality squeegees at your disposal you can use them to pry off or smooth vinyl whenever you want. So whatever product you choose, rest assured the products you receive are of great quality to help you get your job done. So what are you waiting for? Grab some of our products and get your film smoothed out!

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