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    Applying car, truck or SUV precut tint kits with a gasket tool allows you to slide or slip your film under the rubber seal found on nearly all side windows. The gasket tool is also an indispensable little helper in getting "fingers" out of car, truck or SUV's window tint as well as pressing the film's adhesive down in hard to reach corners.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Gasket Tool


    • Universal gasket tool is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike
    • Dual sided to allow for easy separation of gaskets from auto glass
    • Eight inches in length--fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
    • Specially designed to prevent damage to the window seals
    • This Universal gasket tool has soft rounded edges and will not harm film when properly used

    This Universal gasket separator tool makes working with window tint film more manageable and can increase your productivity while decreasing your installation time. Whether you're a pro looking to squeeze more jobs in the space of an eight hour day or an enthusiast who wants to get the best possible results, you can rest assured that this window tint application tool is just what the doctor ordered. Perfectly sized to fit in your hand, this gasket tool is made from high-quality plastic, is eight inches long and has rounded edges to prevent damage to your vehicle's window seals.

    At we understand that using the right tools is essential for obtaining great results and the Universal gasket tool we offer is just one among many installation aides intended to do just that. In addition to our tools and application fluids we also offer some of the best step-by-step instructions and comprehensive application videos to be found anywhere on the internet. Add to that our world-class customer service team who are ready to help you via phone, email and chat and you have a complete package that just can't be beat.

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