Get the Right Tool from the Right Brand

We have all of the best brands of tint, trim and vinyl wrap tools all in one place. If you need to install a front window tint and want a quality product, then look no further. Whether you need a Lidco Squeegee or you're looking for 3M™ Knifeless Tape to get no-scratch results on your next wrap, we hace you covered. Search through top brands of installation tools like Avery Dennison™, Orafol&tarde;, Black Magic and more to find everything you need from the exact blade, squeegee or fluid, from a brand you trust. For the best results, you need the best products and we have made it easy to get them all in one place.

Cleaning and Preparing for Vinyl Installation

Clean and Prep with the Best

Proper cleaning and preparation are two important steps in any installation so you want to make sure you do it thoroughly. That means having the best tools available or the result will be lackluster. That is why we recommend using Orafol™ Pre-Wrap Surface Cleaner. It removes any residue before you apply any wrapping film or application.

You want to make sure you get rid of the grease, dirt and grime as they wreak havoc and cause a lot of damage on vinyl films. They can cause delamination, bubbling, discoloration and more. If this step in done incorrectly, it worln't matter if you do every other correctly. The end result will be damaged and it won't look great. That is why we believe proper cleaning and preparation should be taken seriously and with meticulous care.

Marking and Measurement Tools

Marking Tools from Names Like Stabilo

In order to know how much film you're going to need; you have to measure the surface you're wrapping or on which you want to install your graphics. In addition to measuring tools, you'll also need to avail yourself of some kind of marking pens and pencils. That is why we carry Stabilo products (among others) expressly for that purpose. Stabilo offers pens that are of high quality and customers swear by them. They are one of the world's leading manufacturers of writing instruments and offer an array of products. For optimal results, we trust Stabilo to deliver and the end results say that has been a great decision for us.

Vinyl Installation Tools

Installation Tools and Fluids by the Brand

When people think of the tools used in sign, craft and wraps, trade installation tools and fluids are usually the first thing that come to mind. We offer a wide variety of slip solutions, magnets, primers, weeding pens, air-release picks, squeegees, cards and more. Having to go to various online stores or shops to gather all the tools needed is tiresome and time consuming.

Excel's retractable weeding tool is an excellent pen that helps you remove excess vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and various other adhesive-based materials before application. Not only that, but they are also great at releasing air bubbles that are trapped underneath your vinyl. Excel offers many sharp blades that they sell individually or you can by a tool kit to get various other products to help your installation.

Aftercare and Maintenance Tools

Make the Right Choice for Aftercare

Once you've finished installing your vinyl, you have to maintain it or it will lose its luster. You need to be sure to clean, protect and maintain it to get the longest possible life out of it. That's why we carry a number of aftercare polishes and fluids as well as coatings to help preserve the look of your signage, graphics and wraps for years to come. One such product is Rapid Tac Rapid Clear. It cleans and polishes vinyl wraps and leaves a luster that will have your vehicle looking brand new. You just spray and whip and just like that, you are done. Keep your vehicle looking clean for years to come.

Vinyl Removal Fluids and Tools

Adhesive Removers from Great Brands

At some point, your graphics or wrap will need to be removed either to apply a new one or to give it a dignified end before it cracks, peels and fades at the twenty year mark. In order to help you through this process, we have a number of tools and adhesive removers that should make removal of your vinyl films somewhat easier. We will help you prevent damage to the substrate whether that's a storefront window or your car's paint job.

One tool that works great for this task is Lidco Big Blade Removal Tool. They are flexible jumbo sized (3" x 4") plastic razor blades that are designed to no damage substrates. Lidco removal tools have a solid front and back that provide strength and flexibility. They come in 3 different materials and levels of firmness and feature beveled scraping and lifting edges.

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Easy install
by BW, Birmingham,AL 5.00

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3M products from RVinyl are easy as they say to install.

by Nick, 5.00

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I was originally shipped the wrong product but a quick email got me in touch with Mariel and they got the issue resolved very quickly. A couple days later I received what I ordered. 5-star customer service!!!

Chrome black out
by B.Downs, California 4.50

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I’m blacking out the chrome trim on my 2023 GMC 1500 sierra , this product works great. I would buy it again for sure.


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