DIY Subaru Window Tint

Which model Subaru are you driving? Whether you have the family-friendly Forester, the performance ready BRZ or the rally favorite Impreza, as a Subie owner you know just how great the right type of precut window tint will look in your ride. And, DIY Subaru window tint does a whole lot more than just look great. It also provides safety and privacy as well as protecting your interior trim and passengers from harmful UV rays.

Probably the best thing about precut window tints for your Subaru is that they are designed especially for your year, model and sub-model. What this means is that you don't have to worry about getting a window tint that's not for your year or, worse yet, when using an uncut roll of film. Part of the reason why DIY window tint kits are perfect for beginners and pros alike is due to the fact that they come to your door precut to your specifications. Simply use the drop down menu to select your make, model and year and you'll be on your way to tinting your Subaru in no time.

5 Shades of Charcoal Tint

With five different shades of Rtint charcoal window tint you can choose the exact shade combination that meets your states legal minimums and suits your unique taste. Whether you want to rock 5% limo tint in your WRX or prefer a light touch of tint like you get with 50% VLT  on your Tribeca's windows we've got just what you need. Our most popular shade of tint is 20% VLT, followed by 35% but, as always, please check your local tint laws to ensure that whatever you purchase doesn't get you a ticket later on.

Because every kit is made to order and all window tint films are in stock, once you place your order it is reviewed and processed the next business day. And, if you place an order of precut Subaru window tint of $49 or more, not only will it ship the next day after purchase but it will also ship free! All orders ship with easy to follow instructions perfect for anyone  who's never installed window tints before but, in case you prefer to see it done, we also have a wide variety of installation videos you can browse as well.

Other great benefits of Rtint DIY Subaru window tint kits are:

  • You can mix and match the tint so you can choose 5% for the rear windows and 20% for the front.
  • You can choose complete kits or just the front, rear or back windows.
  • You can choose a standard 3-year or Lifetime Warranty (at an additional purchase).
  • Perfect for added privacy and protection.

Professional Results, DIY Window Tint

There's question that you want your Subaru to look as good as it did they day it rolled off the assembly line but that doesn't mean you need to overpay to have it tinted. Most shops these days charge a minimum of $200 to tint all of your windows but you can pay a quarter of that when you purchase a DIY Subaru window tint from Rvinyl. Not only that, but when you install your own tint you also get bragging rights.

Another great reason to tint your Subaru's windows with Rtint is for not solely for the glory but for the fame and money too. No, we're not talking crazy because every window tint kit you purchase on our site is eligible for our instant cash back rebate. Simply send in 5 or more, multiple angle shots of your ride after you've tinted it and once we review and approve it we will send you a refund of up to $20. Plus, you'll be featured on our blog and social media sites. So, you see, you really do get the fame and money you deserve with Rtint.

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HP Pro
by Trevor, Arizona 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
This product is definitely fantastic. It’s easy enough to work with, and it seems to work as advertised. I live in a hot climate, so heat rejection was my motivation to purchase this product. After installation, there was a measurable difference in the interior temperature after sitting in the sun. As for installation. I’ve never done tint before, but I was able to install the film reasonably well. I definitely ruined the back-glass portion, so I’ll have to do that again. Although that’s my fault. I would recommend using the ‘conqueror’ squeegee, as the small one I ordered could not fit past the weather stripping on my vehicle. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase.
Make sure you watch their videos on installation, take your time, and DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING!

-product is as advertised
-very thorough installation instructions
-lots of resources to use
-well priced vs paying a shop to do the job
-looks fantastic
-quick shipping

Difficult to install
by Jayden, NJ 3.25

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
It is very difficult to install. I used a heat gun to stretch the film to the size of my glass. Even if the film is burned out, I can't get the size of my glass. There are a lot of bubbles installed on the glass.
review image  

Overall awesome Experience
by Greg, Florida 4.75

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I am a DYIr and the I really enjoyed learning something new. My first vinyl job yet small was a bit challenging because of lack of instructions with the product. Or a video with pointers. I did a hood. You’d think ok fairly easy. No it was not. I couldn’t get it to lay right with the mold of the hood kept getting wrinkles. I finally figured it out and it came out ok for a first timer. Overall I do give this product and company a 10. Quick shipping. Good quality product.


4.60 | 25 Reviews