Campagna Tail Light Covers

Campagna is a one-of-a-kind performance vehicle: half sports car, half motorcycle and all excitement it only makes sense to trick it out with a set of smoked tail light tints. And, even though the Campagna T-Rex is made in Canada, all Rtint® tail light tint covers are designed and produced right here in our Brooklyn, NY facility so you can count on the American made quality and our unparalleled three year warranty.

More Choices than Anyone Else   

Not only is Rtint® film incredibly durable while being ultra thin, it also comes in more than a dozen great shades and colors. Whether you wan the look of chameleon shade shifter, pink, green or smoked taillights we have something for everyone. Our top three fan favorites are:

  1. Smoke — At 38% VLT gives you just enough tint with a high-gloss shine.
  2. Red Smoke — 17% VLT it's factory red finish conceals the amber portions of taillights.
  3. Matte Smoke —  Dark enough for most people at 10% VLT and perfect for Plasti-Dip lovers.


Custom Tail Light Tints

Chances are that you haven't been able to find a tail light tint for your Campagna anywhere but, now that you're here, you're finally in luck. At Rvinyl we specialize in creating custom-made tints for every car, truck and SUV on the road so you can quickly and easily order the custom tail light tint of your choice. Simply pick your color or shade, add some tools or fluids and checkout. We'll send a follow up email asking you to confirm your details and start work as soon as we get your reply. Finally, within 7 to 21 business days you'll receive your custom tint kit in the mail.

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