Precut Chrysler Tail Light Tint

Precut Chrysler tail light tint is the from Rtint® gives you an inexpensive and hassle-free way to add custom style to your 300 or red out your Town and Country's tail lamps. It's cost-effective, easy to order and simple to install. Whether you've got a mint condition Crossfire, a rare Prowler or classic PT Cruiser you've come to the right place. Stand out from the crowd with a custom-designed Rtint® taillight covers for your Chrysler.

Rtint® tail light kits for your Chrysler are so easy to install because they're precut for your vehicle. Every kit we design will fit your Chrysler's contours like a glove. In other words, there's no need to remove your taillights or try to cut the overlay from a large sheet of film. Once you've placed your order, a team of skilled artisans cuts and expertly packages your order, shipping it to you within one business day.

Choose Your Poison

Unlike the competition who offers you five or six shades, we carry more than a dozen different colors of Chrysler taillight film. By far, Smoke is the most popular with a VLT of 38% and a glossy finish but we also sell a lot of Blackout and Red Smoke for tail lights too. Some other honorable mentions are our Chameleon shade shifter film, HID Blue and Matte Smoke for those of you stuck on the Plasti-Dip thing.

Why Precut Chrysler Tail Tints?

Speaking of Plasti-dip, why should you choose vinyl tint films over sprays anyway? Well, let us be the firs to tell you that it's not because we're a vinyl company. We sell VHT and dip too but we're not big fans for two reasons:

  1. VHT is difficult to apply well and can permanently damage your tail lamp lenses if you mess up.
  2. Plasti-dip can be equally as hard to apply but can be easily peeled off so it's not very long-lasting.

When you buy a pair of taillight covers you can expect the following benefits:

  • Save Money — When you buy a DIY Chrysler tail light kit you can save as much as 50% off a shop's installation fees.
  • Unbeatable Guarantees — Every taillight tint we sell comes with our Price Match Guarantee and a 3-year warranty against fading, cracking and peeling.
  • Durability —  Rtint® taillight film lasts longer than dips and will stay in place for as long as you want.
  • Semi-permanent — You can remove them at any time without causing damage to your lights.

Custom Chrysler Taillight Covers

Still can't find the diagram of your Chrysler's taillights anywhere you look? Not to worry. Rtint® custom Chrysler tail light covers are just what you've been looking for. Custom designed for you, simply choose the color or shade and confirm a few more details after you checkout. Once we receive your reply we will get right to work and your covers ship to your door within 7 to 21 business days. Get a truly customized look for less than cost of a night out and treat your Chrysler to Rtint®

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by Austyn T, TRAVERSE CITY, MI 5.00

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Hello, I recently purchased some smoked tail light tint from you guys and applied it today.
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Incredibly simple to work with for a beginner
by Lisa Y, CORPUS CHRISTI, TX 5.00

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I purchased the Pre-Cut / Smoke Tint Shade / Tail & Wheel Well Side Marker Light Kit for my 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan, Limited S series model.

I am certainly no expert, nor have I ever tinted any automotive glass or vehicle parts before. However, because the quality of the tint is SUPERB- it was incredibly simple to work with for a beginner. Hence, the easy to follow instructions, website tips, and videos made my tint installation look like a professional completed the job!

Now my Pacifica beholds a more cohesive look that I was aiming for. . . A sleek, modern, unique, thus (non-soccer mom) minivan appearance! Heck, even my husband does not look like a creep or weirdo driving our family minivan because it looks so stylish.

Honestly, the tint made it look like the tail lights are not tinted at all! But rather, pre-molded a smoke color; almost like the van was manufactured that way.

We LOVE the look!
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by Kyler Shafer , Boone iowa 4.50

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Really like how they cut the tint for me, but it’s sometimes take to long to my package or they don’t update me when I’m getting it or where it is
I really like this store they have all products for cars


4.88 | 6 Reviews