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Lexus Tail Light Covers

Lexus is the apex predator when it comes to import luxury and performance. As a Lexus owner, we know that you care as much about value as you do about style which is why we've done our homework and bring you only the best in custom designed overlays. Trust our team with over 20 years' experience to design and engineer a set of tail light tints for you that will be simple to install and give you a subtle, smoked appearance befitting of your Lexus. Whether it's the vulpine IS, the brash ES with a predatory maw or the sleek and powerful RX crossover, your Lex deserves to be updated with a set of quality tail light covers.

When it comes to selection no one can compare to Rtint®. We offer favorite like Blackout, Smoke and Matte Smoke (for those of you who love the dip but hate its durability). But, we also carry our kits in a number of more unique finishes like Static Cling Midnight for ease of removal and re-application, Red Smoke to red out your tails and Chameleon shade shifter too. With more than a dozen styles to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you need!

Hassle Free Installation   

It's only natural to wonder if installing custom tail light covers is something you can do yourself but we're here to tell you that you can! Sure, tinters and shop owners would prefer if you paid them three times as much to smoke out your taillights but why waste your money? Do what thousands of other customers have and install your overlays yourself! Because they're precut installation is straightforward but just in case you need more help we also include a detailed, single-page instructional guide that walks you through the whole process. From prep, to cleaning through to installation and aftercare we give you all the tips and tricks you need to get the job done right the first time. And, in case you want to see it done, be sure to check out our growing library of video tutorials too!

Of course, to do anything well you need the right tools. That's why we offer pro app kits bundled with our tints that include all of the fluids and tools you need to get professional looking results. Already have some tools? We offer them a la carte as well so you can buy just what you need and save.

Fast Cash Back

You may not believe it, but we custom cut and ship your taillight tints within one business day. What that means is that if you order on a Monday your order will ship out Tuesday. Where else can you get a made to order mod for your Lexus shipped directly to your door within one day?

Not only can you get your tints shipped quickly but you can get cash back for them fast too! All you need to do s snap five or six pictures of your installed tint and send them to us with a 3 to 4 line review of the product. We'll then issue up to a $20 refund to you and post them to our site, blog and YouTube channel. Money, fame and good looks! What more can you ask for?


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by Arman, 4.25

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It seems like there are too many stickers and it seems like some of them don't fit . I just received mine if someone would be able to post a vid how to do it on this car that would be great or go into deeper analysis on which part goes where.

Didn't stretch
by Rafael, FL 3.00

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The tini looks great, but they advertise that it's stretches. The tint delivered didn't do so. I have a 2012 Lexus ES350, and the rear tail lights have a pretty significant curve. The tint would not stretch over the curve.

Very good quality, and easy installation.
by c.brzy_17, California 5.00

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Very good quality, and easy installation.
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4.29 | 6 Reviews