3 Musical Instruments Perfect for DIY Vinyl Wraps

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Vinyl Wraps for Your Musical Instruments 

Did you know that almost five percent of the population plays the guitar! That means that there are likely 16 million guitars in homes and apartments throughout the USA with acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitars in various states of use and disarray. Want to know another cool fact? At least 54% of households in the United States have at least one member who plays an instrument. That number includes the 2.5 million people who play drums as well as other instruments like brass, woodwinds, and strings (with violin being the most popular thanks to the Suzuki method). With all of these figures it should be clear that most of us have an old guitar, drum set or violin laying around and all three of these instruments are the perfect palette for a vinyl wrap.

Guitar Wraps

Guitars are one of the most common instruments anywhere. I mean everyone has a cousin or brother who knows how to play the opening lines of Stairway to Heaven or Smoke on the Water so there's a pretty good likelihood that there's an old axe chilling in an attic or shed somewhere in your house. Guitar wraps give you the chance to add new life into scuffed and scratched electric or acoustic guitars without the expense and hassle of trying to repaint them yourself. Available in a number of great finishes like Crocodile, Camo, Velvet and more you can upgrade the look of your Fender or Gibson in time. Don't want to wrap your whole Epiphone or Stratocaster? No need, because our Carbon Fiber wraps are perfect for refinishing or wrapping your pick guard.

Drum Wraps

Coming in a distant second behind the guitars, drums are another popular instrument although they're not such a hit with neighbors and sleep-deprived parents. There are a number of products on the market designed to reface or refinish drum shells and they're all great but have their pros and cons just like anything else. The advantage of our self-adhesive drum wraps are twofold: they're inexpensive and they give you the option of adding real, three-dimensional texture you can feel. And, if you're looking for that classic, high-shine diamond plate, engine turn or confetti look try our scuff resistant Rcraft™ Engine Turn or Avery™ SF100 Metallized films.

Violin Wraps

Okay, we've anticipated your objections here so we'll come right out and say it: no one expects you to wrap a Stradivarius. However, there are a number of inexpensive violins on the market from Cecilio, Mendini, Crescent and Windsor that could use a protective wrap to keep them safe from the trials and tribulations of your child's practice sessions and recitals. Our violin wraps are made give you great results and to be cleanly removable for up to 3 years without leaving residue. Pick up yours today and add unique style and protection to your 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 violin.

Vinyl Wrap: Protection and Style for Your Instruments

Whether it's a prized possession you want to hand down to your son or daughter without worrying that they'll scratch it or you want to add a little style to your toms and snare drums for your next show, we've got a huge variety of instrument wraps for you. Choose from styles like Velvet, Crocodile, Snakeskin, Carbon Fiber and more and make your axe, viola or bass guitar into a show-stopper today!

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