Toyota Pillar Post Trim

Toyota has risen to dominate the automotive world and built its reputation by offering inexpensive cars with a low cost-of-ownership, great dependability and high safety ratings. And with the untimely shuttering of its Scion brand, Toyota added a few more vehicles to its lineup that cater to younger buyers. Some of the most affordable of these are the Mazda-sourced Yaris iA sedan, the renamed FR-S which is now the 86 for the Toyota lineup. Unsurprisingly, the Toyota Camry remains the company’s sales juggernaut, beating every other model in the brand’s lineup including the Tacoma and Tundra trucks. Regardless of whether you have one of these late-models or an aging Celica, Echo or FJ Cruiser, upgrade with a precut Rtrim™ pillar trim kit or wrap.

Toyota Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trim

Rtrim™ precut pillar post trim kits are a great, simple option when you want to upgrade or refinish your Toyota's pillars. Manufactured from high-quality, self-adhesive vinyl films, you get your pick of Matte or Gloss Black trims for an OEM look or Carbon Fiber, Sticker Bomb and Brushed Aluminum for a custom look. Choose from more than 80 different colors and patterns to match every color scheme and taste. Made to fit your specific model and year of Toyota like a glove, installation is simple and easy due to the air-egress channels.

Installing Your Toyota Rtrim™ Pillar Trim Kit

Installing your Toyota Rtrim™ Pillar Trim kit couldn't be easier. All you need to do is follow these five steps:

  1. Clean with Rapid Prep
  2. Dry with a lint-free cloth
  3. Align
  4. Apply with squeegee or hard card
  5. Heat to cure

Since Rtrim™ is made using semi-permanent adhesives you can remove them at any time without causing damage. This way you can preserve your resale value or just switch it up when you get bored with the look.

Rwraps™ and 3M™ Pillar Post Wraps

Want to find out how to wrap your Toyota pillar posts and save both time and money? Check out our 6-step guide for a more in-depth look but if you can't find a precut pillar post kit then our 3M™ or Rwraps™ Pillar Post Wrap might be the best option for you. We find that our pillar wraps are usually a good option if you want to wrap more than just the A, B and C pillars and are looking to wrap your panels, window trim and rearview mirrors to and get a completely custom look. Made from the same premium film as Rwraps™ and  Rdash™ interior trim kits, you can get a unified look for pennies on the dollar.

Restyle Your Toyota and Get Cash Back

When you share a review, a video or your pics you could receive up to a $20 Instant Rebate Refund and discounts on future purchases. Why are we willing to pay to see your results? Only because happy customers like you are our best advertisers. So, be sure to send in your photos and write a review once you've installed your pillar post trim and them for practically nothing!

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Looks Good
by Jacob, 5.00

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Easy install.
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Tacoma B Pillar vinyl matte black
by C, CA 5.00

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Got these because the pillars on my 2019 tacoma were faded and brown looking in spots with some scratches. Probably took about 20 minutes for both sides. Definitely look a lot better and clean. Would recommend

C arbon Fiber door post
by Chuck Thomas, 4.50

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The product looks nice but the Carbon Fiber color does not match my Carbon Fiber fender and hood. Also you have to get close to the vehicle to even notice the carbon fiber.


4.85 | 5 Reviews