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    Rcraft™ Red Oak Wood Grain Vinyl Films give you the ability to add the luxurious look and feel of real wood to just about any hard, non-porous surface. Made from an 3 mil thick vinyl wrap film printed with a realistic Red Oak wood grain, these wood grain films apply like a sticker over your interior, exterior or architectural applications. Perfect for use on the interior or exterior of cars, trucks, SUVs, campers, RV's, boats and more. This Oak Vinyl is also ideal for refinishing and refacing your furniture, cabinetry and more. Use it to refinish desks, tabletops and more and be sure to send in your photos when you're done for our $20 Instant Rebate.

    Manufacturer Part Number: Rcraft-WOD-008

    Rcraft™ Red Oak Vinyl Film  Features

    • Embossed with a 3D, textured wood grain finish
    • Thermo-formable to apply with heat on curves
    • 3 mil thick (.0042") for ease of application
    • Warranty backed, durable and UV stable.
    • Available in in 12 and 24 inch widths

    Red Oak Wood Grain Craft Films

    Rcraft™ Red Oak wood grain vinyl craft films are the do-it-yourself answer to upgrading your car, truck or SUVs interior without breaking the bank. But, just because you get a bargain when you choose Rcraft™ Red Oak films doesn't mean the quality is bargain-basement. Rcraft™ wood grain films are a far cry from the contact paper your parents used to buy at the hobby shop even if they're priced to move. How? Well, read on and we'll tell you why.

    Rcraft™ Red Oak wood grain film are professional grade craft films. Made from premium quality, pressure sensitive vinyl laminates they have a dual printed and embossed textured finish for an ultra-realistic appearance that you can not only see but you can actually feel. Still not sure what we're talking about? In other words, once you install an Rcraft™ Red Oak vinyl film, you won't be able to tell it's not real wood because it will have the look and texture of real wood that you can feel by running your fingernail across. So, whether you choose to film your dashboard, door panels or a speaker box, once you're done it's up to you to be honest and tell the truth when people ask you how much your new, custom wood dash kit cost!

    Easy Installation

    Once people understand how realistic our Rcraft™ wood grain films are the next thing they want to know is how hard are they to install. Luckily for your, Rcraft™ Red Oak wood grain films are easy to install without using messy glues or special solutions. Because Rcraft™ wood grain films are made using pressure sensitive adhesives that are pre-applied to the underside of the vinyl all you need to do to install them is clean and prepare the hard, non-porous surface that they'll be applied on, remove the line and then peel and stick just like a decal. Depending on the surface you're film you may want to use both a heat source (hair dryer or heat gun) and a squeegee but the concept remains the same. And, best of all, because the PSA used in Rcraft™ Red Oak film is semi-permanent you don't have to commit to anything!  That's right, whether you make a mistake or simple decide that you want to change the look you can easily and safely remove the film whenever you want without damaging the surface of whatever you filmped.

    Rcraft™ Wood Grain Craft Ideas

    Rcraft™ wood grain films are a great way to add the elegance and warmth of wood grain to any number of hard, non-porous surfaces and they're also rated for outdoor use so you're not limited to using them inside. Some of the most common applications are customers buy Rcraft™ Red Oak films for are as follows:

    • Craft factory dash trim in cars, trucks & SUVs
    • Restoring marine dash boards
    • Craft exterior automotive panels for the "woody" look
    • Architectural applications like counters, walls, display stands

    The list literally goes on and on but the important thing to note is that it is rated for three year outdoor use and can be applied to any surface that is hard and non-porous.

    Cash Back for your Installed Examples

    When you share the results of your Rcraft™ Red Oak craft projects with us by sending us five or more high-quality shots of your completed project you can earn up to a $20 Cash Back refund rebate. That means you could potentially film the center console of your dashboard and get it for free. Plus, we'll also show case your photos and give you credit to boot. SO, you get the look you want, fame and a little bit of fortune. Who else offers that kind of a deal? Hurry up and buy your Rcraft™ Red Oak film kit today!

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    Which direction does grain run on the roll? Side to side or with length?
    February 12, 2020 6:25 PM
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    Hello, Great question. The grain runs continuous on the length. So if you purchase a 24" x 48" wrap, the grain runs on the 48" portion. Hope this helps! Philip
    Philip February 14, 2020 8:05 AM