Pillar Trim: Wraps or Precut Kits

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Pillar Trim: Wraps or Precut Kits

When you're looking for a change of pace for customizing your vehicle, your mind usually wanders to places such as hoods, or interior changes, but one of the most overlooked places is usually the pillars posts. We often lose sight of the less maintained parts of our vehicles for a ton of different reasons. Now, pillar posts may be forgettable and small in the grand scheme of things, they’re still an extremely important part of your vehicle, and one doesn't truly appreciate it once it is heavily worn down, significantly scuffed up or completely gone.

If your pillar's appearance has become unsightly for you compared to the rest of your vehicle, it won't hurt to take some time and give them much-needed revamps? So now you've reached a point where you are looking to customize them, to revitalize them. Do you want to customize them with unique colors? If you're a novice or DIY enthusiast, you can choose between a simple Precut kit or gung-ho it and wrap it yourself.

We'll explore which options would be the best way for you to go about it down below. We believe that the most optimal way to go about this is to decorate your pillar posts with some vinyl wrap.

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Benefits of Customization

A lot of people use their vehicles many times a day without ever taking the time to pay attention to a specific part of their vehicle. The part is the narrow posts at the edge of one's windows. If you're one of those people that never gave it a thought, you'd probably ask what would be the point of altering them at this point. This may come as a shocker, but there are several reasons why altering your pillars is a good idea. 

  • Aesthetic Change: As you know, going about day after day in the same routine and setting can be pretty tiring. This can be said about our vehicles, too. From weeks to months, to even years of driving your ride doing the same thing in different settings, you will seek a shakeup. Installing a vinyl wrap to your pillar posts is fantastic to revitalize your ride without breaking bank. And it gets better because once you eventually get bored of your currently installed wrap, you can simply remove it and choose another color wrap to replace it with no hassle at all.

  • Hiding Scuffs and Damages: Sadly, all vehicles are subject to getting scuffs and damages over time no matter how careful you try to be. It's an inevitability. You can't predict what can happen on the road, random vandalizers, or accidents from small children. All vehicles will accumulate scars at some point in their life. The perk of using vinyl wraps is that they provide you with a cost-effective method of hiding these damages and staying pristine. Although there is a limit to this as significant dents are probably not going to be hidden well, for scratches to paint and small divots, vinyl will hide them well to make your ride look brand new again.

  • Altering an Undesirable Look: Unfortunately, we don't have much say in the appearance of a car we buy. Perhaps you're on a budget and just need a ride but you're not particularly fond of its matte trim. With a vinyl wrap, you can simply cover up this eyesore with something more to your liking. Doing this will transform and enhance your ride to your liking without needing to spend a ton of money.

  • Affordable Alternative: Having a new trim is an expensive venture. You will not only have to pay for the expensive trim,  you’ll also have to pay a professional installer to install it onto your ride. If you're looking to save money then vinyl wraps come at a significantly smaller price tag. You can save a lot of money by purchasing vinyl compared to buying a brand-new trim. Not to mention that vinyl is extremely easy to install. This means you can simply apply the vinyl yourself without hiring a mechanic or a professional shop to do it. This is especially true for DIY enthusiast. 

  • Less Disruptive: Installing a brand-new trim onto your vehicle is actually an extensive process that can be potentially dangerous to your whole car. If just a single step goes wrong during an installation process goes wrong, several adjacent parts of your ride could end up getting damaged given the role pillars play in the overall structure of the vehicle. You really don't want to deal with that when you can just slap on some vinyl in just a few minutes with no risks. It is impossible to mess up or damage your ride with vinyl's risk-free installation method.

  • Easy to Replace: The benefit of utilizing vinyl for your pillars is that they're temporary. They have long life spans when installed, and yet, you can simply test them out for a couple of months, remove them if you want more change, and just apply new ones. Since vinyl in general is much cheaper compared to actually replacing the pillars, you won't have to deal with the pressure of maintaining their look. You obtain the creative freedom to have your pillars sport all sorts of new colors, textures, and styles on the road. 

Pillar Trim Wraps

Here at Rvinyl we make it our goal to offer as much pre-cut wraps to you as possible, for as many vehicles model and make are out there. However, we cannot provide for all of them just yet. If you find that a vehicle you own is not listed in our listings, don't fret. You still have options at your disposal to customize. We offer Rwraps wrapping film by the foot. This allows you to precisely measure out how much vinyl needed in whatever texture or color you like.

If you're looking for the most premium quality film in the hobby, you will want to look into our 3M wraps. Just like Rwraps, you’ll need to purchase this vinyl in a good amount. Carefully measure the amount necessary and utilize it to design scheme of your custom pillar post wraps. So if you're experienced with DIY and are looking for vinyl with an amazing assortment of designs, colors, and textures, then 3M Pillar Trim Wraps is the best route for you.

Vinyl wraps in general provide an assortment of different styles, depending on what you’re looking for. Some are specifically designed to fit a particular vehicle, while other vinyl are available in bulk and offer more of a DIY approach. So make sure you check out whatever colors and styling options you will want for your vehicle. Once you decide which style sounds right for you and purchase your vinyl, be sure to check out our installation guide for a smooth application process. 

Precut Kits

Precut kits are, like their name suggests, designed to be pre-cut by our advanced machines and are specifically designed to accurately fit the pillars of your vehicle. Down to the model and year. When ordering these kits, you will have to provide your vehicle specifications to ensure the kit sizes fit perfectly. Due to the fact that we’ve already provided the trimming and sizing for you, these custom kits make fantastic choices for people who lack experience in this field, or for those that don't want to go through the cutting and measure process of vinyl wraps. 

When you purchase a trim kit, the only thing that you have to do is install the vinyl to your vehicle's pillars. Everything else has already been taken care for you by us. Simple and straightforward. Check out all of our precut pillar post trim kits so you can get started on customizing your ride.

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