Window Tint Razor Trimmer
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    Use this metal utility knife to quickly trim away your excess window film which may be left over during the installation process.

    Manufacturer Part Number: rvi5148

    Window Tint


    Window Tint FAQ

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    Window Tint Application Instructions

    What is a window tint razor?

    Trim away any excess window film which may result during the installation process. Great for trimming third brake light sections and specialty areas of the rear windows such as defroster electric plugs. Be careful though because they are sharp!

    How difficult is it to install Rtint Pre-Cut Window Tint & Visors?

    The easiest way to answer this questions is for you to watch our installation video on this page. Installing precut window tint and visors can be significantly easier and less time consuming than installing tint film by the roll, it can still be a difficult process.
      > Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer and the tools used.
      > If the windows and windshield has complex curves.
      > If the proper installation tools and fluids are used.
      > If the installer is familiar with heat shrinking film. 

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