Acura CSX Vehicle Wraps for You

The Acura CSX can be seen as the sibling to the Honda Civic, sharing many of the same features besides up-level trim and larger engine, along with being priced well below other competitive brands. Some of the features that helps the CSX distinguish itself are drive-by-wire throttle, electric power steering and a long list of luxury and convenience equipment. Now if you've been contemplating a complete color change for your Acura CSX but always put if off due to the price of a factory-style paint job, you'll be happy to know that premium quality vinyl wraps are well within anyone's price range. These wraps are made from premium quality 3Mâ„¢ Series 2080 or Rwrapsâ„¢ car wrap films. We provide over two hundred different finishes and colors! These wraps are utilized by DIY car enthusiasts and by professional vinyl vehicle wrappers. They use these films to create amazing custom cars and now you can too! Save time and money by doing it yourself and personalize your car, truck or SUV in no time with our vehicle wraps.

Acura CSX Vehicle Wraps Specifications

Whether you choose our high-quality 3Mâ„¢ vehicle wrap films or our premium Rwrapsâ„¢ vinyl all of our offerings share the followings specs:

  • Multi-cast film
  • A variety of over 200 colors and finishes
  • Pressure-activated adhesives
  • Invisible, air-egress channels for bubble-free results
  • Sold by the foot in widths of 12, 24 60 inch rolls (Series 2080 is only available in 60-inch wide format)
  • Semi-permanent and removable

Get Free Swag by Customizing

Whether you want to wrap your Acura CSX's hood with Series 2080 film in a sleek Matte Black film or want to add the eye popping look of Satin Roaring Thunder vinyl to your interior we've got just the thing you're looking for. And, since there's no better advertising than a satisfied customer, we're excited to offer free swag you. All you have to do is just wrap your Acura CSX with any of our vinyl films and tag us on social media. What could be better? So, hurry up and pick up a wrap kit today!