Buick Regal Window Tint Kit

Upgrade & Protect Your Buick Regal with Window Film

Made from top-quality materials, these window tint kits ensure durability and resistance to peeling or fading. Our selection of vehicle-specific window tint kits is designed to fit precisely on the various window surfaces of different cars. The window tint kits we offer are an affordable and effective way to customize your Buick Regal. By choosing the right tint shade, you can give your vehicle a unique appearance that reflects your style. DIY window tints included in the kits make the installation process convenient and user-friendly, even for those without prior experience. The process of ordering is straightforward, and our quick shipping ensures you get your pre-cut window tints in no time. They provide an added layer of security by preventing the glass from shattering upon impact.


Choose from All the Most Popular VLTs

The 70% VLT and higher shades are best for drivers who want minimal tinting while still enjoying protection from UV rays. Many manufacturers offer samples or visualization tools to help you see how different VLT shades will look on your vehicle. In many jurisdictions, front side windows must have a higher VLT, often 70% or more, to ensure proper visibility. A 5% VLT, often referred to as "limo tint," provides maximum privacy and is typically used on rear windows. The laws may vary based on the type of vehicle, whether it's a passenger car like the Buick Regal or a commercial vehicle. Always consult your local laws and regulations when choosing the VLT for your vehicle to ensure that you comply with the legal requirements. Explore our extensive range of VLT shades today, and elevate your driving experience with the right window tint for your vehicle.


Hassle-Free Installation, Professional Results

Measure the windows to ensure that the precut tints are the right size for your Buick Regal. Spray the adhesive side with the soap and water solution as well. Apply firm pressure to ensure the tint adheres properly without any creases. The curing time may vary depending on the specific product and the temperature and humidity. Regular maintenance with suitable cleaning products will keep the tints looking great. Warranty information should be reviewed as well, as it may provide coverage for certain issues. Remember, the investment in quality precut window tints enhances not only aesthetics but also comfort and protection.

Restyle Your Buick Regal Today

These tints provide privacy, UV protection, and a sleek look tailored to your specific vehicle. Order now and experience the remarkable transformation that only our precut window tints can offer. With fast shipping and unmatched quality, there's no better time to upgrade your Buick Regal with our precut window tints. Click now, and let's get started on elevating your driving experience! We value our customers, and our top-rated customer service is always here to assist you with your Buick Regal. Don't settle for ordinary when extraordinary is just a click away. Click "Buy Now" and let's embark on the journey to redefine your Buick Regal with style and excellence!


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Nice product
by Leefield A., Adel, GA 4.50

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Its nice tint for the money. It comes with more than one strip so you can choose just how far down it goes. Gives my 325xi a sporty look.

Great but back windshield piece didn’t fit
by Emily, 4.75

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Amazing product easy installation. Just back piece didn’t fit even with a heat gun.

Very happy overall with the tint and company and the opportunity provided to share your work!!

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This is experimenting with 2 layers of tint using 20% Rvinyl tint over the peeling stock 35% tint (at brake light area) (2 layer tint method like limousines and some undercover police officers do) only because I wanted to darken the view of my new stereo and it worked perfectly. I did run into a few issues installing the tint (completely my fault.) It did have a tenancy to stick to itself, but I should have used more water which was my main problem. I had a few wrinkles/tint creases at the top I had to get out with a heat gun and plastic spatula that still came out great. There were also a lot of water marks that made me very worried! But the next day at work baking in the sun they ALL COMPLETELY went away. The glue is good quality from what I can see so far. The tint did touch the dirty fabric at the top which is part of the creasing problem, but washed it off and it's fine and I didn't align it properly at the bottom left corner :( So a few marks from tint sticking together because I'm an idiot, a few tiny marks from interior touching tint, a few creased areas which are all not visible from outside. Still looks amazing. Very happy overall with the tint and company and the opportunity provided to share your work!! Make: Buick Model: Regal GS Year: 2001


4.65 | 5 Reviews