DIY Chrome Delete Wraps

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What is a Chrome Delete Anyway?

To put it simply a chrome delete is any vinyl wrap that let's you hide (or delete) the chrome trim that so many car manufacturers insist on putting around windows, on grilles and just about anywhere they can think of. And, while some people (probably your grandpa) are still trying to find more ways to add chrome trim, most of us have entered and embraced 21st Century aesthetics. In other words, we don't want chrome fins on our Hondas, Fords or Toyotas. Instead, what most of us are looking for is a more subtle style rather than bright, shiny and reflective chrome.

De-Chrome Your Ride

The most common choices when people look to "de-chrome" their rides are Matte and Gloss Black. This works especially well for those who have factory black paint jobs and are intent on getting that murdered out look. Even if your car, truck or SUV isn't black though, you can still get an almost-OEM look buy choosing Rwraps™ Matte Black or 3M™ Series 1080 Satin Black films. These series of vinyl wraps give you the look of the rubberized trim that Gloss Black vinyl just can't. And, of course, there's always PlastiDip too although using a spray or paint on dip can be messy at best and pales in comparison to 3M™ and Rwraps™ in terms of durability.

Window Chrome Trim Blackouts

Whether it's the B-pillars or the chrome gasket trim around the rear windshield, there's a whole lot of shiny chrome around most auto glass. Why? We're not sure but it may be that major car manufacturers are actually trying to attract raccoons. And, since the glass can be easily ruined by paints and dips, there's almost no better option to upgrade your ride than with chrome delete vinyl wraps. In general, people use Matte, Satin or Gloss Black vinyl for the window trim but, as you can see above, people also choose other colors and styles like the 3M™ Series 1080 Black Carbon Fiber shown above. In addition to Carbon Fiber wraps, we'd also recommend our Rwraps® Matte Chrome and 3M™ Matte or Satin colored films to give you an exotic but understated touch of color that can be used to accentuate the trim or match it with the overall theme.

Blacking Out Your Chrome Grille

You might not think that it'd be possible to wrap your grille but you'd be wrong. With 3M™ dual-cast films with Comply technology you can wrap even the craziest of curves. But, Series 1080 films aren't your only option. Rwraps™ vinyl wraps are another ideal way to wrap your chromed out grille because they're also heat-activated and use air-drain adhesives. Whichever brand you choose you can rest easy knowing you're going to get a long-lasting look that beats the heck out of dips and sprays. Plus, you can get patterns and finishes you just won't find anywhere else. Check out the Rwraps™ Venice Beach Sticker Bomb window trim chrome delete above or the Matte Red chrome color change grille wrap on the Honda below!

Tone Down those Chrome Headlight Rings

If you can believe it companies like Lund, AVS, Putco and American Car Craft actually make aftermarket chrome rings for your head and taillights! Despite this, there's still a number of automakers who thin it's a good idea to trim headlights with chrome and it's up to you to do the right thing. In this case, you simply can't afford to go with paint or sprays because you run the very real risk of ruining your expensive, composite lenses.

Find Out How Much You'll Need

Now that you know what is available you'll need to decide how much Series 1080 or Rwraps™ film you'll need to buy. Of course, a lot depends on you and how you decide to tackle your wrap project but we can give you a pretty good estimate of how much you'll need. We recommend a minimum of 12 inches by 60 inches for all of the window trim on a standard sized vehicle but you may need more or less depending on how much bling you've got factory on your thing. Regardless, if you're stuck send use message and we'll help you delete the chrome from your ride in no time!

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