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There's simply no better way to update, upgrade or personalize the interior trim of your BMW than with custom designed dash kits. Whether you drive a 1-Series and want to add a touch of refined style with a brown leather dash trim kit, a 3-Series in need of some woodgrain accents or an X5 that could use a chrome trim upgrade, we've got just what Der Doktor ordered for your BMW. At Rvinyl we specialize in proving a full selection of BMW custom dash kits at all price levels and in 100s of different finishes. If you want an ultra-affordable Rdash® dash kit for your Z3 or a premium Benevento real carbon fiber dash kit for your M-Series, we've got the widest selection and lowest prices you'll find anywhere.

BMW: Creating a Space for Passion

In years past, BMW was known for its staid and conservative approach to luxury design, especially when it came to the language it used to create the cabins of its flagship coupes and sedans. All of that has changed in the last few years, however, as BMW has sought to bring fresh innovation and an edgier design language into all of its vehicles.

Anyone who has ever laid eyes on a BMW knows that the interior design of its cars is seamless continuation of the promise made by the exterior. By placing a heavy emphasis on the surface design it artfully executes an automotive aesthetic that is at once dynamic and powerful, without sacrificing its characteristically organic and seamless transitions.

Designing a Car around the Driver

Driver-centric design has been an industry catchword for a while but it's pretty clear that BMW isn't just full of hot air when they claim to make it one of the pillars of their design philosophy. One of the most obvious characteristics of their driver-centrist aesthetic is the ergonomically configured cabin which is built with comfort and ease of use at the forefront. The asymmetrical center console and at-hand instrument panel are angled towards the driver's seat despite the fact that the exact layout varies dependent upon the model chosen.

There is nothing more important for the true enthusiast than an automobile's emotional impact and, here too, BMW has learned to modulate and intensify its design language in order to capture the hearts and minds of its drivers. Elongated, horizontal lines emphasize the sense of lightness while adding a feeling of expansiveness to the interior which is at once refreshing and relaxing to the eye.

The crosswise configuration of the instrument cluster serves as a counterpoint to the perpendicularly configure center console with its rich compliment of technical features. In addition, the forward aspect of the interior provides a feeling of openness which is felt by both driver and passengers evoking a sense both of airiness and conveying the power and agility of the vehicle.

A Play of Light and Shadows

The inspired design of the interior dashboard surfaces speaks on an almost subliminal level to the vehicle's passengers and driver while the chiaroscuro effect communicates true artistry throughout. The organic nature of BMW's interior design language makes comparison with the human anatomy both apt and apropos: as a result the interior is almost completely devoid of flat or sharp, angular surfaces.

Rather than the right angles and blocky, jutting contours one has come to expect in American automotive design (both inside and out), BMW has attempted to communicate a sense of flow and organic movement which results in a cabin design that is synesthetic ally pleasing. This, in tandem with the layering effect achieved by the stacking of different materials, brings the inside of every BMW to life and has pushed their design aesthetic to the forefront of the luxury marques.

Attention to Every Detail

BMW is meticulous in its attention to every detail of the interior of its cars. Whether It's the control knobs in the center console to the buttons in the sound system, every element is designed specifically for each model from the ground up. Nothing is left to chance and every color and LED adheres to the BMW color codes which ensures brand identity and cohesion across all models. In fact, the Head of BMW Interior Design, Marc Girard has stated that “the overall impression is crucial. We always pay attention to the impact of the interplay of features, but also to the potential contribution of each individual detail. Size, movement and dynamics are very palpable in the design, but aspects such as safety and functionality naturally also play a key role when it comes to designing the interior. Above everything, though, stands form and aesthetics. That’s the benchmark we all follow.”

It's no surprise that all of the dash kit brands we carry give the same attention to detail is to the artfully sculpted BMW interiors they are meant to accentuate which is why you can feel good about any purchase of a custom trim kit you make. Whether you go for all out luxury with a real carbon fiber dash trim kit from Benevento or a camouflage dash kit from Automaxus, you know you'll be getting a look and quality  that is worth of your BMW. And, if you're considering an interior trim upgrade you may also be interested in our precut BMW window tint kits too. Made from premium quality films and pre-cut to fit your windows you can mix and match to buy partial or complete kits in a variety of shade percentages. Smoke out your headlights with custom cut headlight tint or tail light tints and add clear protection with a PPF kit made to order for you. The sky's that limit but when you buy more you save so be sure to add everything you need and enjoy our free shipping!

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Elegant Touch!
by Emily Thompson, 5.00

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The BMW 5-Series 2004-2007 Dash Kits from RVinyl not only added an elegant touch to my car's interior but were remarkably easy to install, making it a purchase I'd highly recommend to fellow BMW enthusiasts.
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Good Car Dash Kit Rdash BMW 6 Seriesn- Nice To Have Thing!
by Johnathan Smitherson, 4.00

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get Rdash BMW 6-Series 2004-2010 Dash Kits and very happy. Kit make car look good.
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Good kit
by Johnathan Carter, 5.00

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Stylish kit; upgrades interior; installation ease varies; decent quality; fast shipping.
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