Buick Rendezvous DIY Dash Kits

When you want to update, upgrade and restyle the interior of your Buick Rendezvous you have a number of options to choose from but, in all honesty, most of them are more hassle than they're worth. Custom Buick dash kits, however, are a great alternative to having a shop paint, dip or re-upholster your Rendezvous and put the power to decide on your interior aesthetic back in your hands where it belongs. Choose from a variety of premium, DIY dash kits designed by companies with decades of experience, laser cut and lacquered by hand in great finishes like woodgrain, carbon fiber, aluminum and dozens more.

If you need to rehab your Rendezvous' interior you're not alone. Hide scratches and scuff with an Rwraps® dash wrap available in a variety of lengths to suit any job. Choose from over 60 finishes and pair them with precut Rdash® Rendezvous dash kits to get the complete, custom package in your Buick. At a fraction of the cost of alternatives you simply can't go wrong. Buy today and remember to send us photos to receive your $20 Cash Back rebate refund!

Buick Rendezvous Accessories

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Custom Verano Dash Kit
by Gregory T., Philadelphia, PA 4.50

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I really wanted to change up the look of my 2015 Verano, but there is not a lot on the market that replaces the factory trim that I could find. I decided to go with this and a wrap in carbon fiber. Now it looks custom. Small thin areas are tricky to install but, it's worth the hassle.

by D. P., Memphis, TN 4.50

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Had them custom design a kit for the 2016 Regal and used the wrap to cover up the factory trim. Nothing too crazy, went with a satin aluminum which kinda looks like the back of an Ipod. It's a subtle look. Happy with it.

Brown leather not quite opaque
by John, New York 3.75

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While the product color and detail are right on, it can be seen through on a black dash. These pictures were taken inside a garage and one picture outside on a cloudy 55 degree day. This was my first attempt and I deliberately chose a tight area to do. A lot of patience, well lit area, tack free rag, a new thin razor knife and a 1200 degree heat gun (or hair dryer) will definitely help in the application. I realized all my flaws once I pulled it outside. I will switch to wood grain and try again. 2x the charm as they say.
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