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Dash kits help you make the most of your Buick by giving you the ability to quickly and easily upgrade, refresh and personalize your interior. We know you want options and selection in terms of price, color and finish which is why we offer affordable Buick custom dash kits from Rvinyl as well as premium lines by brands such as Automaxus, Benevento and DL Auto Trim. Whether you have a 2016 Lacrosse that's begging for carbon fiber dash trim, a classic Park Avenue that needs some TLC or a Verano you just want to make your own, you can do it all and more with our wide selection of custom Buick dash kits.

Why settle for less when you can have it all? Get the best in price, style and value when you buy a dash kit from Rvinyl. And don't forget, all dash kits we carry for your Buick are eligible not only for our instant photo rebate program but are covered by our price match guarantee as well.

Buick Design: More than Skin Deep  

Buick is a marque that survived the cuts made by GM during the Great Recession of 2008 precisely because it was able to straddle the market space between the entry level passenger cars and upmarket luxury sedans and SUVs. In a sense, Buick is what Mercury once was to Ford and only time will tell if it, too, will face the same fate. Fortunately, given recent developments such as the concept Avenir which was the darling of the 2015 Auto Show, it does seem that Buick is here to stay. But, as every enthusiast knows, it takes a lot more than just good marketing to confer success upon an automaker which and much of that has to do with excellence in design.

At the time of writing, Liz Wetzel was the chief of interior design at Buick and she represents the fourth generation in her family who have committed themselves to the auto business. When asked how she describes her interior design philosophy she explains that the aesthetic of any Buick is always more than skin deep. In other words, every design that comes out of her studio has to both solve a problem and look good doing so. In addition, in order for an interior trim design to really work there must be an emotional connection between the product and the customer. This is achieved by the Buick design team when they create visually compelling interiors that are both artistically sculpted and yet incredibly intuitive to use.

Sculptural Beauty: The Hallmark of Buick

According to Wetzel, one of the hallmarks of Buick design and what she feels sets it apart from the competition, is its sculptural design language. This language, which is expressed both in clay and in digital formats, is informed by an intimate understanding of consumer tastes and preference and the way these intersect and interact with technology. In short, Buick's Director of Interior Design states that the secret of the success of their designs is due to a unique "balance of acumen, discernment, and vision."

The Avenir (French for the Future) expresses the best in Buick design now and, hopefully, in the near future. Its interior is both comforting and intuitively comfortable to use. The dash panels, interior trim and other inner surfaces are nature-inspired and call to mind the ebb and flow of sea waves ceaselessly flowing through the cabin. The wave motif is repeated throughout and is found everywhere from the seats, to the carpets and other decorative trim components.

The interior color palette chosen for Buick's conceptual flagship consists of light, natural hues combined with polished and buffed woodgrain trims and Galvano chrome accents. These opulent materials and warm chromatic spectrum lend a soothing effect to the cabin making it feel like an inner sanctum as much as a luxury driving experience. All of these elements, combined with seamlessly integrated data ports and customizable touch-screen instrumentation make the Buick experience unparalleled in terms of comfort and drivability.

Affordable Luxury: Buick Dash Kits

It's no secret that in the past five years or so Buick has upped its game. With so much attention being paid to sculpting the surfaces of both the inside of the cabins and the exterior body lines it makes no sense not to add a touch of your own personal style with a custom dash kit in wood grain or carbon fiber dash kit and made by an industry leader like Benevento. Made from only the finest materials all Buick dash kits by Benevento are computer designed for precision and laser-cut for a smooth edge. They are then hand-poured with polyurethane for a high-gloss, protective finish which applies to your Buick's interior surfaces using industry leading, VHB tape.

Of course, when you're looking to upgrade, you want the most options available. Even through Benevento offers incredible quality with over 30 years' of experience in the industry there are just some things they cannot do and one of those is make a matte or satin finished dash kit. This is a result of the poly doming process which gives all of their interior trim kits a lacquered appearance. Because we realize that some of our customers prefer a more natural finish (especially when it comes to wood grains) we are happy to offer the full line of Automaxus dash trim kits. These kits are available in all of the same great finishes as you can get when you buy a Benevento kit but without the polyurethane doming which means they are more affordable and also deliver that real wood feel so common in European luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes or Audi.

Beyond the fact that Automaxus trim kits give you a flat finish they also provide you with additional color and style options. Looking for a Digital Camo or a Stickerbomb dash kit? You can only get it with an Automaxus kit. And, if want an even thinner look with all the same color and finish options you need to try an Rdash custom dash kit. Made from premium quality films and less than a tenth of an inch thick they blend seamless with your dashboard and door panels when installed correctly. Don't wait to upgrade your Buick's interior, buy with confidence from the only company in the business that can offer you exactly what you want for the price you've been looking for.

Buy More & Save

Obviously, when you buy more you can save by qualify for combined and even free shipping discounts. We've found that enthusiasts who enjoy our dash trim kits love the ease of installation and style provided by our precut Buick window tint kits. Made from single-ply film in a variety of VLTs, you can mix and match to get a partial kit for any set of windows or a complete kit as well. But you can protect and restyle your ride with our headlight tint covers, tail light tints and precut paint protection kits too. There's never a better time than he present so seize the day and the savings and buy all of your DIY Buick accessories now!

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by Terry S., Saint Edward, NE 4.30

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Fast shipment. Came with all the pieces shown in the diagram. Good finish, i went with the ebony blackwood for a subtle custom look. Nice color. A little more gray in person than in the photos.

Custom Verano Dash Kit
by Gregory T., Philadelphia, PA 4.50

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I really wanted to change up the look of my 2015 Verano, but there is not a lot on the market that replaces the factory trim that I could find. I decided to go with this and a wrap in carbon fiber. Now it looks custom. Small thin areas are tricky to install but, it's worth the hassle.

Excellent price and it works great, thanks!
by Shayne D., Maple, WI, Colorado Springs, CO 4.50

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shipped fast will buy from again


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