Buick Pillar Post Trim

It's no secret that your Buick's pillar posts are probably the most under-appreciated exterior parts of your vehicle. In fact, it's no stretch to say that, until they get scratched, scuffed or start fading, most people don't even give them a second thought. But now, with our incredible selection of precut pillar post trim kits and custom pillar wraps, you have more options than you would believe and can choose from anything as mundane as Matte Black to as flashy as Sticker Bomb. The choice is yours and the prices are too good to pass up so pick up a wrap or a precut kit today and refinish, restyle and rehab your ride.

What Are Pillar Posts Anyway?

If you're here, you probably already know what pillars are. If not, then let us tell you: pillars are the vertical (up and down) or almost vertical supports of a vehicle's window area. They are designated respectively as the A, B, C and, in larger cars, D-pillar, moving from front to rear, in profile view. Although there are a number of theories regarding the origin of the naming system, what is clear is that the consistent alphabetical designation of a car's pillars provides a common reference for design discussion and aftermarket parts. A good example of the use of this nomenclature is the way in which  rescue teams use these pillar names to facilitate communication when cutting wrecked vehicles.  Finally, the B pillars are often referred to as "posts" (two-door or four-door post sedan) which is why many accessory retailers will refer to them as pillar posts.


Buick Precut Rtrim™ Pillar Post Kits

Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trim kits are precut to fit your specific year, make and model and come to you in a wide variety of finishes such as Carbon Fiber, Brushed Steel, Burlwood and more. In addition to these popular styles, Rtrim™ also offers specialty finishes like Diamond Plate, Engine Turn, Sticker Bomb and Camo patterns. Perfect for adding a touch of exterior styling to your Enclave, Regal  or Lucerne's pillars and manufactured by a company with over 15 years in the industry, you can be sure of getting the right fit every time. And, since these trims are made using the latest in air-release, pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, installation is straightforward and quick. Just clean, peel, heat and stick. Another great feature of Rtrim™ Pillar Post Trims is that they're semi-permanent so whether you want to sell your car or simply change its look and feel, you can do it without causing damage.

Share Your Buick Pillar Trim Pics for Cash Back

When you share a review, a video or your pics you could receive up to a $20 Instant Rebate Refund and discounts on future purchases. Why are we willing to pay to see your results? Only because happy customers like you are our best advertisers. So, be sure to send in your photos and write a review once you've installed your pillar post trim and them for practically nothing!


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Great product
by Tjemt851 , New York 4.75

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Vinyl arrived fast, instructions were clear and installation was simple. Car looks great now.

They look nice and super easy to use
by AD, MI 4.50

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They look nice and super easy to use


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