Custom Freightliner Dash Kits

Dash kits for your Freightliner are the easiest way to add a touch of personalized style to your truck's cab. Whether you're driving an FL Series, a Sprinter or an M2, it's no secret that you, as a truck driver, spend more time in your vehicles than anyone else. And, when you sleep, eat and work in a Freightliner cab who can blame you for wanting a little more style and personalization? Rvinyl is proud to be one of the only companies to offer dash kits made in the USA for Freightliner trucks. Whether you're a fleet owner who wants to add a touch of distinctive style to your trucks with wood grain dash kits by Benevento or Automaxus or a driver who wants to add your own touch with a swamp camo dash kit you simply won't find anyone else with the prices or selection we carry.

Freightliner Trucks for Professional Drivers

Freightliner is the largest American manufacturer of trucks in the US and, in fact, recently produced its 3 millionth truck. As you can tell by the brand's name, Freightliner specializes in making trucks that haul cargo (aka freight) across the vast expanses of North America so when they design it is with a mind to utility and performance. But, just because the designers at Freightliner have the bottom line of their buyers on their minds doesn't mean they don't product vehicles that are aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically satisfying.

Because Freightliner trucks are designed for severe and heavy duty use the company places a lot of importance on driver feedback in order to design interiors that deliver the best results. Every time the designers at Freightliner go to the drawing board they ask themselves how the changes and designs they are creating will impact upon operational costs. And, because customer input is so important, every truck built by Freightliner is customized to the specifications of the buyer. From the frame type to the height of the cab to the paint scheme and interior configuration every detail is made according to the customer's preferences. At Rvinyl we take that a step further by offering dash kits made to fit your year, make and model Freightliner like a glove. And, in the case where we don't yet have a pre-cut dash kit for your truck, you can easily order a Freightliner custom dash kit as well.

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If you've decided upon an interior trim upgrade why stop there? Precut Freightliner window tint is just as important when spending hours in your cab as any aesthetic upgrade. While you're at it, you may as well consider adding headlight protection and taillight covers as well as precut paint protection kits for your truck. Once you've added all the DIY tint and protection accessories you need to your cart you'll enjoy incredibly low combined or even absolutely free shipping. Seize the day and upgrade your Freightliner today!

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This vinyl kit was a great way to spruce up my beat up old truck! (2000 Freightliner FL70 with a LOT of miles on her)
by Brendan P, Trafford PA 5.00

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This vinyl kit was a great way to spruce up my beat up old truck! (2000 Freightliner FL70 with a LOT of miles on her) She looks WAAAAAY better after adding some vinyl! Thanks!

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5.00 | 1 Reviews