Geo Dash Kits

The right dash kit can make all the difference to the interior of your classic Geo. And, unlike other brands that have gone by the wayside like Eagle, Plymouth and Saturn, Geo was lucky enough to have picked up traction with the Tracker, its compact SUV, to stay alive in that incarnation until Chevrolet discontinued it in 2004. The success of the Tracker and Prizm meant that trim kit makers like Benevento were happy to invest in the design of Geo custom dash kit interior trim kits for these vehicles when they otherwise may not have been. As a result of the initial successes of the Geo brand, we are happy to be able to offer the most complete line of dash kits for Geo models anywhere.

Because Geo was made with the tuner and restylers markets in mind it's not uncommon to find a mint Metro or Storm with a carbon fiber kit installed in it. Whether you're looking to upgrade a cracked Geo dashboard with a Benevento or want to restore the faded interior of your Metro with an Automaxus dash trim in matte black or an Rvinyl custom kit in neon green, we've got the widest selection anywhere. And, on the off chance you can't find anything for your Geo here we are always happy to have a custom Geo dash kit made to order for you. So, don't wait another twenty years to restyle your Geo because, to be honest, it might not last that long. Pick up an interior trim today and breathe new life into your GM-made import killer today!

Geo: The Import Killer that Time Forgot

The 1990s were a great time for the import tuner scene. Icons of automotive legends were made by brands like Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Acura. The Civic and CRX were the kings of the game but they shared the stage with the Integra, the Eclipse and a handful of other import hatchbacks. So, it's no surprise that American automakers like GM. Ford and Chrysler wanted to get a piece of the action. And so, GM announced the Geo marque as a part of the Chevy brand which was designed to be a manufacturer of small, compact cars and SUVs to capture the market share dominated by Japanese imports.

In terms of design style, Geo took most of its cues from the import competition at the time. In fact, Geo cars were built in cooperation with various Japanese manufacturers such as Suzuki whose Sidekick formed the basis of the Tracker and Toyota. The result was a line-up of unoriginal cars although with a slightly more boxy and angular shape than their Japanese cousins.

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