DIY Geo Window Tint

Precut Geo window tint kits give you a quick, easy and affordable way to tint your Metro, Storm, Prizm or Tracker's windows. When you have a classic ride it can be hard to find custom upgrades and accessories but at Rvinyl we specialize in providing Geo owners with precut window tints and mods for all models and years. Give your Geo that just-rolled-off-the-lot look with a set of custom window tints while avoiding the exorbitant prices of shops and so-called pro installers. But, hurry, because we can't keep prices this low forever. Buy your precut Geo window tint today and save!

Because our Geo precut window tint kits are made to your vehicles specifications (just use the drop menu to select your year, make and model) installation is hassle-free and straightforward. No need to spend hours toiling over your windows, trying to make templates from uncut sheets of window film. Simply unroll  the precut kit and apply each precut tint section one window at a time. In less than an hour you can sit back and enjoy the style and comfort of a new window tint kit in your ride.

One of the best things about DIY window tint for your Geo is the pride and sense of accomplishment you get from a job well done. To ensure that you get successful results we offer a professional window tint application kit made by Gila as an optional add-on to your kit at a reduced priced. Gila's pro app kit comes with everything you need to install the tint including a conqueror squeegee, an ultra-sharp Exacto blade, a spray bottle with window tint fluid and a lint free cloth. You can also get many of these items for purchase separately so be sure to check out our selection if you have some already.

Why Buy Precut Geo Window Tint?

There are a lot of good reasons to consider Rtint precut window tints when you're looking to tint your Geo. Some of the most obvious are as follows:

  • Undeniable Savings — when you install your tint yourself you can save as much as 75% off of a shop's fees!
  • Buyer Protection — all precut tint purchases are covered by 3-year warranties and our Price Match guarantee!
  • Quick Turnaround — our kits are made to order and ship the next business day!

Cash Back

When you buy our precut tints and install them on your Geo not only do you get great looks, UV protection and comfort you can also get cash back. Want to know more? With Rvinyl's cash back rebate program all you have to do is take 5 or more pictures of your installed Rtint product and upload them via our convenient web page or email them in to us. Once we review and approve them we will send you an email letting you know that we have issued a refund of up to $20. That means that if you purchased a kit for $29.00 you could end up only having paid $9.00 to tint all of your windows! If you like the sound of that then what are you doing still reading this? Find your wallet and buy a precut Geo window tint kit now!

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